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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Friendly's

Name Description Access Level
Crispy Chicken Salad without Dressing SALADS - Crispy Chicken Salad No Dressing  
Crispy Chicken Sliders MUNCHIES - Create Your Own - Crispy Chicken Sliders  
Crispy Chicken Tender Deluxe Sandwich  
Crispy Chicken Wrap SANDWICHES - Crispy Chicken Wrap  
Crispy Chicken Wrap  
Crispy Fish Taco Dinner ENTREES - Crispy Fish Taco Dinner  
Crispy Fried Chcken Dinner ENTREES - Crispy Fried Chcken Dinner  
Crock of Chicken Noodle Soup SOUPS AND SIDE SALADS - Crock Chicken Noodle  
Crock of Chili  
Crock of Homestyle Clam Chowder  
Crock of Tomato Soup SOUPS AND SIDE SALADS - Crockof Tomato Soup  
Crushed Chips Ahoy! Cookies CREATE YOUR OWN ICE CREAM TOPPINGS - Crushed Chips Ahoy! Cookies  
Crushed Heath CREATE YOUR OWN - Ice Cream Toppings - Crushed Heath  
Crushed Heath Topping  
Crushed Oreos CREATE YOUR OWN - Ice Cream Toppings - Crushed Oreos  
Crushed Oreos Topping  
Cup Broccoli Cheddar  
Cup Broccoli Cheddar  
Cup Chunky Chicken Noodle  
Cup Chunky Chicken Noodle  
Cup Homestlye Clam Chowder  
Cup Homestlye Clam Chowder  
Cup Homestyle Clam Chowder  
Cup Minestrone  
Deluxe Cheeseburger "Set-Up"  
Deluxe Cheeseburger "set-up"  
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich, Fried  
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich, Grilled  
Dessert Cups, Banana Cream Pie  
Dessert Cups, Blackberry Peach Pie  
Dessert Cups, Pecan Praline  
Dessert Cups, Strawberry Shortcake  
Diet Coke - Soda SODA - Diet Coke - Soda  
Diet Coke Soda  
Dippin' Chicken MEALS FOR KIDS BIG KICKERS - Dippin' Chicken  
Dippin' Chicken  
Double Dog Dare  
Double Thick Milkshake - Chocolate  
Double Thick Milkshake - Coffee  
Double Thick Milkshake - Strawberry  
Double Thick Milkshake - Vanilla  
Double Trouble  
Dressing - Sweet Ginger Sesame  
Egg & Cheese Supermelt BREAKFAST SUPERMELTS - Egg & Cheese Supermelt