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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh Express

Name Description Access Level
3-Color Deli Cole Slaw  
5-Lettuce Mix  
5-Lettuce Mix Salad - Healthy Blend  
50/50 Mix  
50/50 Mix - Tender Leaf Blends  
American Salad - Healthy Blend  
Angel Hair Cole Slaw  
Asian Supreme  
B.L.T. Caesar  
Baby Butter and Crisp Tango Lettuces, Sweet Tender Greens Sweet Tender Greens  
Baby Spinach  
Baby Spinach  
Baby Spinach - Tender Leaf Blends  
Baby Spinach Salad - Healthy Blend  
Baby Spinach Salad, Almond & Cranberry Almond & Cranberry  
Baby Spinach Trio  
Baby Spinach, Clamshell  
Baby Spinach, Clamshell - Tender Leaf Blends  
Baby Spinach, Clamshell Salad - Healthy Blend  
Baby Spinach, Family Size Family Size  
Baby Spinach, Family Size - Tender Leaf Blends  
Baby Spinach, Family Size Salad - Healthy Blend  
Baby Spring Mix, Clamshell  
Baby Spring Mix, Clamshell - Tender Leaf Blends  
Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette, with Bleu Cheese Crumbles with Bleu Cheese Crumbles  
Caesar Lite  
Caesar Supreme  
Caribbean Chicken Salad  
Caribbean Chicken Salad - Healthy Blend  
Chicken Caesar Salad - Healthy Blend  
Chicken Caesar with Crostini  
Chopped Turkey Chef Salad  
Chopped Turkey Chef Salad - Healthy Blend  
Cole Slaw Kit  
Cole Slaw Kit w/ Dressing  
Complete Salad, Mediterranean Supreme Mediterranean Supreme  
Complete Salad, Salsa Ensalada Supreme Salsa Ensalada Supreme  
Double Carrots Crispy Lettuce  
Fancy Field Greens  
Fancy Greens  
Field Greens Salad - Healthy Blend  
Green & Crisp Crispy Lettuce  
Hearts of Romaine  
Hearts of Romaine Salad - Healthy Blend