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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fazoli's

Name Description Access Level
Chicken Penne & Peppers Pasta {400 calories or less}  
Chicken Pesto Oven-Baked Submarinos  
Chocolate Chunk Cookie  
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sweet Treats - Chocolate Chunk Cookie  
Chocolate Layer Cake Sweet Treats - Chocolate Layer Cake  
Chocolate Overload Torte  
Citrus Apple & Roasted Chicken (Tossed with Italian Citrus) Fresh Chopped Salads (with Dressing)  
Classic Sampler Samplers - Classic Sampler  
Classic Sampler Platter  
Club Italiano Oven-Baked Submarinos  
Club Italiano Submarino  
Club w/ Crispy Chicken  
Club w/ Grilled Chicken  
Country Caesar (Tossed with Creamy Caesar) Fresh Chopped Salads (with Dressing)  
Creamy Basil Pick Your Pasta - Choose Your Sauce - Creamy Basil  
Creamy Basil Sauce Pick Your Pasta - Choose Your Sauce - Creamy Marinara  
Creamy Caesar Dressing Salad Dressings - Creamy Caesar  
Creamy Chicken Florentine  
Crispy Chicken Parma with Marinara Oven-Baked Italian Melts - Crispy Chicken Parma with Marinara  
Croutons Salad Dressings - Croutons  
Croutons Pack  
Deep Dish Pasta  
Fat Free Honey Mustard Dressing  
Fat Free Italian Dressing  
Fat Free Italian Dressing Salad Dressings - Fat Free Italian  
Fazoli Fresh Chopped Salads (with Dressing)  
Fazoli's Italian House Salad Fresh Chopped Salads Lighter Options - Fazoli's® Italian House with Red WineVinaigrette  
Fazoli's Original Submarino Oven-Baked Submarinos - Fazoli's ® Original  
Fettuccine Alfredo Kids Meals  
Fettuccine with Alfredo - Reg  
Fettuccine with Alfredo - Small  
Fettuccine with Marinara - Regular  
Fettuccine with Marinara - Small  
Fettuccine with Meat Sauce - Regular  
Fettuccine with Meat Sauce - Small  
Fire-Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Submarino  
Four Cheese Lasagna Oven-Baked Pasta and Specialty Pasta  
Garlic Breadstick Snacks - Garlic Breadstick  
Garlic Breadstick 1 each  
Grilled Chicken Pasta  
Grilled Chicken Strips  
Ham 'n' Swiss Supremo Submarino  
Honey French Dressing  
Honey French Dressing Salad Dressings - Honey French  
Hot Sauce with a Roasted Pepper Spice It Up - Hot Sauce with a Roasted Pepper