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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Bare Fruit

Name Description Access Level
Apple Chips, Bake-Dried, Cinnamon Bake-Dried, Cinnamon  
Apple Chips, Cinnamon Cinnamon  
Apple Chips, Organic, Bake-Dried Cinnamon Organic, Bake-Dried Cinnamon  
Apple Chips, Organic, Baked-Dried Granny Smith Organic, Baked-Dried Granny Smith  
Bake-Dried Mango Chunks Bake-Dried  
Bananas & Cherries, Bake-Dried Bake-Dried  
Bananas and Cherries  
Cherries, Bake-Dried Bake-Dried  
Cinnamon Apple Chips  
Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips Bake-Dried, Cinnamon  
Crunchy Fuji Red Apple Chips Fuji, Bake-Dried  
Crunchy Granny Smith Apple Chips Granny Smith, Bake-Dried  
Dried Cherries  
Dried Mangos  
Dried Pears  
Fuji Apple Chips  
Granny Smith Apple Chips  
Pears, Bake-Dried Bake-Dried  
Pears, Bake-Dried Bake-Dried  
Pineapple & Mangos, Bake-Dried Bake-Dried  
Pineapple and Mangos