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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Banquet

Name Description Access Level
Hot & Spicy Wings  
Lasagna Entree w/meat sauce; 11 oz  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce Meal  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Family Size Family Size  
Light Mayonnaise  
Linguini & Creamy Parmesan Sauce with Bacon  
Linguini & Creamy Parmesan Sauce with Bacon  
Loaded Potato Bites  
Mac & Beef Meal  
Mac & Cheese  
Mac & Cheese  
Mac & Cheese Entree  
Mac & Cheese Meal  
Macaroni & Beef in Tomato Sauce  
Macaroni & Beef W/Corn and Chocolate Pudding, Meal Meal  
Macaroni & Cheese  
Macaroni & Cheese Meal  
Macaroni and Cheese  
Macaroni and Cheese Meal  
Macaroni and Cheese, Family Size Family Size  
Maple Sausage Links  
Meal Starters  
Meal, Sliced Beef Sliced Beef  
meat loaf meal  
Meat Loaf Meal  
Meat Patty Meal, Zesty Smothered Zesty Smothered  
Meatballs in Stroganoff Sauce  
Meatloaf Entree  
Meatloaf Meal  
Meatloaf Meal  
Meatloaf Meal  
Mega Bowls, Buffalo Style Chicken Mac 'N Cheese  
Mega Bowls, Chicken Fajita  
Mega Bowls, Country Fried Chicken  
Mega Meal, Salisbury Steak  
Mega Meals, Spaghetti & Meatballs  
Mexican Entree, Combination frozen  
Mexican Style Beef Enchilada & Tamale Combo  
Mexican Style Chicken Enchilada Meal  
Mexican Style Enchilada Combo Meal