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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Alaska Seafood

Name Description Access Level
Alaska Canned Salmon, Pink  
Alaska Canned Salmon, Sockeye (Red)  
Alaska Cod  
Alaska Salmon, Coho (Silver)  
Alaska Salmon, Keta (Chum)  
Alaska Salmon, King (Chinook)  
Alaska Salmon, Pink  
Alaska Salmon, Sockeye (Red)  
Alaska Shellfish, Dungeness Crab  
Alaska Shellfish, King Crab  
Alaska Shellfish, Pacific Oysters  
Alaska Shellfish, Shrimp  
Alaska Shellfish, Snow Crab  
Alaska Whitefish, Cod  
Alaska Whitefish, Flounder  
Alaska Whitefish, Halibut  
Alaska Whitefish, Pollock  
Alaska Whitefish, Rockfish  
Alaska Whitefish, Sablefish  
Cod Loins, Wild Caught  
Fillets, Salmon  
Fish Sandwich with Cheese  
Flounder Fillets, All Natural, Wild Caught, Skinless  
Halibut Fillets  
King Salmon Fillet  
Pollock, Southwestern Tortilla Breaded  
Smoked Salmon Cocktail Franks  
Sockeye Salmon Fillets