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Make the most of your day by improving your night


Sleep is critical to your health—it can help curb food cravings, fight aging and depression, reduce your risk of heart disease and more. Use Fitbit’s advanced tools to help you sleep better, have more energy and improve your health.

couple in bed, and man is checking his Fitbit on wrist

Discover the benefits of sleep tracking

See how well you sleep

Track your sleep each night and trends over time.

Wake with calm

Ease into your morning with a silent alarm.

Get insights about your night

Understand your sleep with notes on your night.

Create better habits for better rest

Set goals, get bedtime reminders and more.



Make every minute count


10,000 steps a day encouraged you to get moving, and now Active Zone Minutes is helping you optimise those movements. By tracking time spent in specific heart rate zones, Active Zone Minutes helps you work out smarter and more efficiently.

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Man riding bike down city street

Discover the benefits of Active Zone Minutes

Stay motivated

On-wrist notifications and celebrations keep you going.

Get credit for your effort

Know how hard you’re working during any heart-pumping activity.

Unique to you

Heart rate zones are personalised for your age and fitness level.

Reach activity goals

Tracking Active Zone Minutes helps you reach the recommended activity guidelines.



Unlock the power of heart rate


Understanding your heart is incredibly valuable and a key indicator of overall cardiovascular health. And it’s easier than ever with PurePulse, the world’s first automatic, continuous heart rate tracking technology on your wrist.

man and woman running at a track

Discover the benefits of heart rate tracking

Know your zone

Use heart rate zones to maintain the right intensity.

Track sleep quality

Use your heart rate to track sleep stages.

Reach weight goals

Get a more accurate measure of calories burned.

Manage stress

Do guided breathing sessions personalised for your heart rate.

Aim higher with a Premium membership

Get more guidance toward your goals with personalised insights, exercises and more.

Get more out of your night with Premium



*Sleep stages, Sleep Score and Smart Wake are available only on trackers and watches with heart rate tracking.

**Based on the widely accepted recommendation from organisations like the American Heart Association, Centre for Disease Control and World Health Organisation.

^Available now on Charge 4, Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Versa, Versa Lite, and Ionic