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Sustainability benefits us all

We’re on a mission to keep you healthy. And a big part of that is keeping your environment healthy, too.

Positive change takes action

At Fitbit, climate and social responsibility are more than just talk. We’re working toward a sustainable future by focusing on three areas: rethinking consumption, value chain responsibility and a lower-impact production process.



Rethinking Consumption

We’re changing the way we design and engineer our products to reduce waste and reuse resources by:

  • Incorporating recycled and responsibly sourced materials
  • Eliminating single-use plastics
  • Improving product reparability and recyclability

    Value Chain Responsibility

    We take social and environmental considerations into account when forming and managing relationships with suppliers by:

    • Working to build a fully traceable value chain
    • Only working with suppliers committed to fair labour practices
    • Collaborating with industry stakeholders to be part of the solution

    Lower-Impact Production Process

    It’s pretty simple: By making our production process less wasteful and hazardous, there is less to clean up. We’re reducing our mess by:

    • Using safer chemistry
    • Using less fresh water
    • Switching to renewable energy sources and reducing energy consumption

    Wrist, reduce, recycle

    Recently upgraded your Fitbit? Use our recycling programme to properly dispose of your old device. In addition to the mandatory take-back services, we also offer recycling for devices without a purchase.