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These Fitbit Pay Terms of Service (“Fitbit Pay Terms”) apply to your use of the Fitbit Pay service, which is part of the Fitbit Service. The Terms apply to your use of Fitbit Pay, and these Fitbit Pay Terms are incorporated into and a made a part of the Terms. All capitalised terms used in these Fitbit Pay Terms but not defined herein have the meanings provided in the Terms.




Fitbit Pay is a service offered by Fitbit that enables you to use a supported Fitbit device (a “Supported Device”) to complete transactions at compatible contactless terminals. If you have a Supported Device, you may store a virtual version of credit cards, debit cards, or other types of supported cards identified by Fitbit from time to time (each, a “Card”) on your Supported Device.


Fitbit Pay may be available only in select regions. In order to use Fitbit Pay, you must have a Card from a bank that supports Fitbit Pay. Participating banks may change over time and a bank may cease supporting Fitbit Pay without notice to you. The features of Fitbit Pay may vary depending on your region and bank. Click here for additional information on Fitbit Pay.


In order to use Fitbit Pay, you must have a Fitbit account, the Fitbit mobile app, a Supported Device, and a supported Card from a participating bank. To load a Card onto your Supported Device, you must first enter your Card information into the Fitbit mobile app; you will also be prompted to set a PIN number if you have not already done so. Once your Card has been verified as eligible for use with Fitbit Pay, you must sync to your Supported Device to enable use of your Card on your Supported Device. As part of adding a card to Fitbit Pay, you will accept any terms, conditions, and policies provided by your Card’s bank (“Bank Terms”), and such Bank Terms will apply to your use of the Card through Fitbit Pay in the same manner as any other transaction you complete using your Card.




You agree to use Fitbit Pay in accordance with these Fitbit Pay Terms and the Terms, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. You will not use Fitbit Pay for any fraudulent or unlawful purposes, and your use of Fitbit Pay will comply with Section 7 of the Terms, including but not limited to refraining from (i) circumventing any technological measure implemented by Fitbit or any of Fitbit’s providers or any other third party (including another user) to protect Fitbit Pay or (ii) accessing Fitbit Pay through the use of any mechanism other than as authorised under these Fitbit Pay Terms. If you make any modifications to your Fitbit device or to the Fitbit Pay service, Fitbit is not responsible for any liability or damages that may occur as a result of such modifications, including any unauthorised transactions that may result.




Your use of Fitbit Pay requires you to provide information to Fitbit, including information about your Card. All information collected by Fitbit as part of Fitbit Pay is subject to the Fitbit Privacy Policy. Using Fitbit Pay will require you to have used the Fitbit mobile app to set a PIN code for use on your Supported Device. While Fitbit implements measures to help protect your information, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your PIN code and for maintaining possession of your Supported Device and mobile device. If you lose your Supported Device, you can suspend Fitbit Pay through the Fitbit mobile app or disable Fitbit Pay through the Fitbit website. Your Card number is not stored on the Supported Device or in the Fitbit mobile app, and through an industry standard tokenisation platform your Card information is never revealed or shared with merchants or Fitbit when completing a transaction.




The Limitation of Liability set forth in the Terms (Section 22) applies to your use of Fitbit Pay. In addition, neither Fitbit, its suppliers, or licensors, nor any other party involved in creating or delivering Fitbit Pay, will be liable for any damages or liabilities of any kind arising out of or in connection with any transaction, payment, or other use of Fitbit Pay, nor will Fitbit be responsible for any dispute relating to or arising out of your use of a Card. The Bank Terms applied by your Card’s bank will apply to all such transactions, payments, uses, and disputes, and in no event is Fitbit party to, or in any manner liable under, the Bank Terms.


Effective: 24 May 2018
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