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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Meat Substitutes, Nonspecific

Name Brand Description Access Level
BBQ Rice & Bean Burger Yves  
Big Franks, Lowfat, Vegan Loma Linda meat-free 'hot dog'; kosher dairy  
Big Franks, Vegan Loma Linda meat-free 'hot dog', kosher dairy  
Bolono Worthington frozen 'bologna' like slices; kosher dairy  
Breakfast Pattie Morningstar Farms made with organic soy  
Breakfast Patties Boca Meatless  
Breakfast Patty, Vegetarian Morningstar Farms Worthington Foods  
Breakfast Wraps, Original Sausage Egg White & Chesse Meatless Boca Meatless  
Cary Brown's Country Smoked Chicken Free Chicken Follow Your Heart  
Choplets, Canned, Vegan Worthington meat substitute; kosher dairy  
Cutlets, Dinner Cuts, Vegan Loma Linda meat-free; kosher dairy  
Dinner Roast Worthington frozen; kosher dairy, 3/4'' slice  
Frankfur, Deli. Vegetarian (hot Dog, Wiener) Morningstar Farms Worthington Foods  
Frankfur, Meatless (hot Dog, Wiener)  
Frankfur, Vegetarian (hot Dog, Wiener) Loma Linda Worthington Foods 'Big Franks' canned  
Fri Pats Worthington frozen vegetable & grain protein patties; kosher dairy  
Gimme Lean Sausage, Vegan LightLife meat-free  
Lentil and Veggie Burger Yves  
Lightly Seasoned Chick'n Scallopini Gardein  
Luncheon Slices, Meatless  
Meat Extender  
Meatballs, Meatless  
Meatless Beer Brats Tofurky  
Meatless Breakfast Links, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Breakfast Patties Yves  
Meatless Corned Beef Slices Worthington frozen; kosher dairy  
Meatless Deli Bologna Slices Yves  
Meatless Deli Salami Slices Yves  
Meatless Deli Slices, Cranberry & Stuffing, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Deli Slices, Hickory Smoked, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Deli Slices, Italian, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Deli Slices, Original, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Deli Slices, Peppered, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Deli Slices, Philly Style, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Deli Slices, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Frank, Chipotle, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Frank, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Ground Round Original Yves  
Meatless Ground Taco Stuffers Yves  
Meatless Ground Turkey Yves  
Meatless Jurky, Ginger Teriyaki, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Jurky, Original, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Jurky, Peppered, Vegan Tofurky  
Meatless Kielbasa Tofurky  
Meatless Pepperoni Yves