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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Other Vegetarian Products

Name Brand Description Access Level
Seitan, Chicken Style Meat Of Wheat White Wave box  
Seitan, Stir Fry Strips White Wave box  
Seitan, Traditional White Wave box  
Shanghai Specialty Vegetarian Steamrollers  
Smart Pretzel Dog LightLife meat-free  
Snacks, Cheese Pizza Amy's Kitchen  
Snacks, Nacho Amy's Kitchen  
Snacks, Spinach Feta Amy's Kitchen  
Snacks, Spinach Pizza Amy's Kitchen  
Soy Tempeh, Vegan SoyBoy Organic  
Spinach & Mushroom Quiche Ruby Tuesday  
Steamed Dumpling Potstickers, Vegan Health is Wealth  
Steel Cut Oatmeal Mel's Meals  
Stuffed Bell Pepper Mel's Meals  
Stuffed Dates Mel's Meals  
Stuffed Mushrooms Mel's Meals  
Stuffed Poblano Mel's Meals  
Super Deluxe Vegetarian Steamrollers  
Tabouli Salad Mix, Vegetarian Fantastic Foods organic  
Tempeh Grilles, Lemon, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Tempeh Grilles, Tamari, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Tempeh, Coconut Curry Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Edamame Veggie Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Five Grain White Wave  
Tempeh, Five Grain Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Flax, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Tempeh, Garden Veggie, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Tempeh, Indonesian Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Lemon Pepper Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Original Soy White Wave  
Tempeh, Sesame Garlic Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Smoky, Vegan LightLife Organic; 'Fakin' Bacon' strips  
Tempeh, Soy Tofurky Organic  
Tempeh, Soy Rice White Wave  
Tempeh, Soy, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Tempeh, Spicy Veggie Tofurky  
Tempeh, Three Grain, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Tempeh, Wild Rice, Vegan LightLife Organic  
Teriyaki Smoked Tofu Bowl 360 Gourmet  
Teriyaki Smoked Tofu Burrito 360 Gourmet  
Teriyaki Smoked Tofu Quesadilla 360 Gourmet  
Teriyaki Smoked Tofu Salad 360 Gourmet  
Teriyaki Smoked Tofu Wrap 360 Gourmet  
Thai Munchees, Vegan Health is Wealth  
Thai Smoked Tofu Bowl 360 Gourmet