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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Entrees

Name Brand Description Access Level
Alu Chole Entree, Vegan Tamarind Tree Indian entree of curried garbanzos & potatoes  
Apple Toaster Pops, Breakfast, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Asian Noodle Stir-fry, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Autumn Market Vegetable Plate Seasons 52  
Baked Ziti Bowl, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Baked Ziti Kids Meal, Vegan Amy's Kitchen 'Kids Meals'  
Beans, Rice & Cheese Style Burrito, Lowfat CedarLane Organic  
Beef Noodle Bowl Fantastic Foods 'Big Soup Noodle Bowls'; 70%+ organic  
Black Bean & Tofu Enchilada Meal, Lowfat CedarLane Organic  
Black Bean & Vegetable Enchilada, Vegan Amy's Kitchen 'Family Size'  
Black Bean Chipotle Wrap Gardenburger  
Black Bean Enchilada, Vegan Amy's Kitchen 'Whole Meals'  
Black Bean Enchilada, Vegan, Less Sodium Amy's Kitchen 'Light in Sodium'  
Black Bean Tamale Verde, Vegan Amy's Kitchen  
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl, Less Sodium, Vegan Amy's Kitchen 'Light in Sodium'  
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Peas & Veggies Bowl, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Burrito Grande W/chili Verde Sauce CedarLane Organic  
Burrito Grande W/salsa Roja CedarLane Organic  
Burrito, Bean & Cheese Amy's Kitchen  
Burrito, Bean & Rice, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Non-Dairy  
Burrito, Black Bean Vegetable, Vegan Amy's Kitchen  
Burrito, Breakfast, Vegan Amy's Kitchen  
Burrito, Especial Amy's Kitchen  
Burrito, Southwestern Amy's Kitchen  
Butternut Curry Mel's Meals  
Channa Dal Masala Entree, Vegan Tamarind Tree Indian entree of golden lentils w/vegetables  
Cheese Enchilada Amy's Kitchen 'Family Size'  
Cheese Enchilada Entree Amy's Kitchen 'Whole Meals'  
Cheese Lasagna W/meatless Ground Round CedarLane  
Cheese Ravioli Bowl Amy's Kitchen w/sauce, 9.5 oz  
Cheese Tamale Verde Amy's Kitchen  
Chicken Noodle Soup, Vegetarian Fantastic Foods cup  
Chili & Cornbread Entree Amy's Kitchen 'Whole Meals'  
Chili Mac  
Chili Mac Fantastic Foods CARB'TASTIC 'Fast Naturals Ready Meals'  
Citrus Glazed Chicken Entree, Vegan Gardenburger meatless, w/green beans & rice  
Country Cheddar Bowl Amy's Kitchen  
Country Cheddar Bowl, Vegan Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Country Dinner Entree Amy's Kitchen 'Whole Meals'  
Couscous & Vegetable Veggie Wrap, Lowfat CedarLane  
Dal Bahaar Entree Ethnic Gourmet  
Dal Makhani Entree Jyoti Indiana Cuisine - armoatic lentils & beans  
Dal Makhani Entree Tamarind Tree Indian entree of aromatic lentil chili  
Dal Makhani Entree