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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Packaged

Name Brand Description Access Level
Baby Spinach, Clamshell Salad - Healthy Blend Fresh Express  
Baby Spinach, Family Size Salad - Healthy Blend Fresh Express  
Baby Spring Mix, Clamshell Fresh Express  
Bean Sprouts, Canned Roland  
Bean Sprouts, Canned La Choy  
Beet, Baby Whole, Canned LeSueur  
Beet, Canned drained solids  
Beet, Canned, No Salt reg pack, solids and liquids  
Beet, Canned, No Sugar Added Stokely's  
Beet, Canned, Pickled sliced, solids and liquids  
Beet, Cut, Canned Stokely's  
Beet, Diced, Canned Stokely's  
Beet, Harvard, Canned sliced, solids and liquids  
Beet, Pickled, Crinkle Style Sliced Del Monte  
Beet, Sliced Del Monte  
Beets, Whole Pickled Roland  
Bolets & Cepes, Dried, Sliced Roland  
Broccoli Normandy Westpac  
Broccoli Spears Safeway  
Broccoli-Cauliflower Westpac  
Bruchetta Ready Pac  
Butter Beans Safeway  
Butter Lettuce Mix Dole butter and red leaf lettuces  
Button Mushrooms Safeway  
Cabbage, Red, Canned  
Candy Corn Flav-R-Pac  
Canned Asparagus  
Canned Asparagus Cuts and Tips Meijer  
Canned Asparagus Spears  
Canned Bean Sprouts  
Canned Carrots - Sliced Meijer  
Canned Fancy Mushrooms - Stems and Pieces Meijer  
Canned Golden Sweet Corn - Whole Kernel Meijer  
Canned Green Beans - Cut Meijer  
Canned Green Beans - French Style Meijer  
Canned Green Chiles Meijer  
Canned Jalapenos - Sliced Meijer  
Canned Mixed Vegetables Meijer  
Canned Peas and Carrots Meijer  
Canned Potatoes - Sliced Meijer  
Canned Potatoes - Whole Meijer  
Canned Wax Beans - Cut Meijer  
Canned Yams - Cut Meijer  
Carrot Sticks - Grab 'n Go Snacks Ready Pac  
Carrot, Baby Whole, Canned LeSueur