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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh

Name Brand Description Access Level
Hubbard Squash, Boiled, Mashed, No Salt Winter  
Hubbard Squash, Orange Frieda's  
Hubbard Squash, Raw Winter, cubed  
Hungarian Pepper, Raw  
Hungarian Wax Peppers Melissa's  
Iceberg Lettuce  
Iceberg Lettuce, Raw Dole  
Iceberg Lettuce, Raw Wegmans  
Iceberg Lettuce, Raw include crisphead types  
Iceburg Lettuce Leaf Wendy's  
Italian Prune Plums Melissa's  
Italian Sun Dried Julienne Tomatoes (In Olive Oil and Herbs) Melissa's  
Italian Sun Dried Tomatoes (In Olive Oil and Herbs) Melissa's  
Jalapeno Chile Melissa's  
Japanese Cucumbers Melissa's  
Japanese Eggplant Melissa's  
Jew's Ear (pepeao) Raw  
Jicama Melissa's  
Jicama, Raw Wegmans Sliced  
Jujubes Melissa's  
Jute Potherb, Boiled W/salt drained  
Jute Potherb, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Jute Potherb, Raw  
Kabocha Squash Melissa's  
Kale, Raw chopped  
Kale, Raw Wegmans Chopped  
Kale, Scotch, Boiled W/salt chopped, drained  
Kale, Scotch, Boiled, No Salt chopped, drained  
Kale, Scotch, Raw chopped  
Kim Chee Melissa's  
Kobocha Squash Frieda's  
Kohlrabi Frieda's  
Kohlrabi Melissa's  
Kohlrabi, Boiled W/salt drained, sliced  
Kohlrabi, Boiled, No Salt drained, sliced  
Kohlrabi, Raw  
Lambsquars, Boiled W/salt chopped, drained  
Lambsquars, Boiled, No Salt chopped, drained  
Lambsquars, Raw  
Leaf Lettuce, Raw Wegmans Shredded  
Leaf Spinach Safeway  
Leaf Spinach Vons