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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh

Name Brand Description Access Level
Garden Cress, Boiled W/salt drained  
Garden Cress, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Garden Cress, Raw  
Garlic Cloves, Elephant Frieda's  
Garlic Scapes Melissa's  
Garlic, Raw  
Gemstone Potatoes Melissa's  
Ginger Root, Raw 1'' dia  
Gobo Root Melissa's  
Gold Ball Squash Melissa's  
Gold Carrots Frieda's  
Gold Nugget Squash Melissa's  
Golden Nugget Squash Frieda's  
Green Beans, Raw Wegmans  
Green Cabbage  
Green Cabbage, Raw Dole Medium  
Green Cabbage, Raw Wegmans Medium  
Green Leaf Lettuce  
Green Leaf Lettuce, Raw Dole  
Green Leaf Lettuce, Raw  
Green Lychee Melissa's  
Green Onion, Raw Wegmans Chopped  
Green onions raw YC's Mongolian Grill  
Green Pepper, Boiled, No Added Salt (bell) sweet pepper, drained  
Green Pepper, Sweet, Boiled W/salt (bell) drained  
Green Pepper, Sweet, Raw (bell) 3'' dia, 1/4'' thick  
Gypsy Peppers Melissa's  
Habanero Chile Melissa's  
Habas Peledas (Dried Peeled Fava Beans) Melissa's  
Hatch Chiles Melissa's  
Hearts of Palm Melissa's  
Holiday Boiler Onions Melissa's  
Horseradish-tree Pods, Boiled W/salt sliced  
Horseradish-tree Pods, Boiled, No Salt sliced  
Horseradish-tree Pods, Raw 15 1/3'' long  
Horseradish-tree, Leafy Tips, Boiled W/salt chopped, drained  
Horseradish-tree, Leafy Tips, Boiled, No Salt chopped, drained  
Horseradish-tree, Leafy Tips, Raw chopped  
Hot House Cucumbers Melissa's  
Hubbard Squash  
Hubbard Squash Melissa's  
Hubbard Squash, Baked W/salt Winter, cubed  
Hubbard Squash, Baked, No Salt Winter, cubed  
Hubbard Squash, Blue Frieda's  
Hubbard Squash, Boiled, Mashed W/salt Winter