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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh

Name Brand Description Access Level
Broccoli, Raw Wegmans  
Broccoli, Raw 5'' long  
Brussel Sprouts, Raw Wegmans  
Brussels Sprout Stalks Melissa's  
Brussels Sprout, Raw Dole  
Brussels Sprouts Melissa's  
Brussels Sprouts  
Brussels Sprouts, Boiled W/salt drained  
Brussels Sprouts, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Brussels Sprouts, Raw  
Buddha's Hand Melissa's  
Burdock Root, Boiled W/salt drained  
Burdock Root, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Burdock Root, Raw  
Butter Lettuce, Raw Dole  
Butterbur, Boiled W/salt, Fuki drained  
Butterbur, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Butterbur, Raw, Fuki  
Buttercup Squash Frieda's  
Buttercup Squash Melissa's  
Buttercup Squash  
Butterhead Lettuce, Raw (boston, Bibb) include Boston & Bibb types  
Butternut Squash Melissa's  
Butternut Squash Frieda's  
Butternut Squash  
Butternut Squash, Baked W/salt Winter, cubed  
Butternut Squash, Baked, No Salt Winter, cubed  
Butternut Squash, Raw Winter, cubed  
Butternut Squash, Raw Wegmans Diced  
Cabbage raw YC's Mongolian Grill  
Cabbage, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Cabbage, Chinese, Raw  
Cabbage, Common, Boiled W/salt drained  
Cabbage, Japanese Pickled fresh  
Cabbage, Mustard, Salted  
Cabbage, Raw  
Cabbage, Red, Boiled  
Cabbage, Red, Raw  
Cabbage, White, Raw  
Cactus Leaves (Nopales) Melissa's  
Cactus Pears Melissa's  
Cape and Capeless Gooseberries Melissa's  
Cardoon Frieda's  
Cardoon, Boiled W/salt drained