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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh

Name Brand Description Access Level
Acorn Squash Melissa's  
Acorn Squash Frieda's  
Acorn Squash  
Acorn Squash, Baked W/salt Winter, cubed  
Acorn Squash, Baked, No Salt Winter, cubed  
Acorn Squash, Boiled, Mashed W/salt Winter  
Acorn Squash, Boiled, Mashed, No Salt Winter  
Acorn Squash, Raw Winter (4'' dia)  
Acorn Squash, Raw Wegmans Diced  
Alfalfa Seeds, Sprouted, Raw  
Alfalfa Sprouts, Raw Wegmans  
Amaranth Leaves, Boiled W/salt drained  
Amaranth Leaves, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Amaranth Leaves, Raw  
Anaheim Chile Melissa's  
Arrowhead, Boiled W/salt drained, medium  
Arrowhead, Boiled, No Salt drained  
Arrowhead, Raw  
Arrowroot, Raw  
Artichoke, Boiled W/salt (globe Or French) medium, drained  
Artichoke, Boiled, No Salt (globe Or French) medium, drained  
Artichoke, Jerusalem, Raw sliced  
Artichoke, Raw Wegmans  
Artichoke, Raw (globe Or French) large  
Artichokes, Raw Dole  
Arugula, Raw  
Arugula, Raw Wegmans  
Asparagus, Boiled drained (1/2'' base)  
Asparagus, Boiled W/salt drained (1/2'' base)  
Asparagus, Raw Dole  
Asparagus, Raw extra large, 8.75'' to 10'' long  
Asparagus, Raw Wegmans  
Asparagus, White Frieda's  
Australian Blue Squash Frieda's  
Baby Artichokes Melissa's  
Baby Candy Cane Beets Melissa's  
Baby corn YC's Mongolian Grill  
Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes Melissa's  
Baby Red Beets Melissa's  
Baby Red Potatoes Melissa's  
Baby Summer Squash Melissa's  
Baby White Potatoes Melissa's  
Baby Zucchini