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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Other Snacks

Name Brand Description Access Level
100 Calorie Right Bites, Fudge Grahams Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Apple Jacks, Cereal Straws Kellogg's  
Banana Cream Pie Pudding Snack Pack  
Banana Pudding Snack Pack  
Banana Wrap Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Bangkok Thai Wrap Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Beef Jerky, A.1. Steak Sauce Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, Cholula Hot Sauce Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, Jalapeno Carne Seca Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, KC Masterpiece Barbecue Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, Original Hickory Smokehouse Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, Peppered Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, Steakhouse Recipe Jack Links  
Beef Jerky, Sweet & Hot Jack Links  
Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats - Chocolate Glenny's  
Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats - Peanut Caramel Glenny's  
Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats - Raspberry Jubilee Glenny's  
Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats - Vanilla Glenny's  
Buffalo Chicken Snackarito Taco John's  
Butterscotch Pudding Snack Pack  
Camille's Salsa Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Camille's Salsa Wrap Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Caramel Cream Pudding Snack Pack  
Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap Chick-Fil-A  
Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins Tato Skins  
Cheese & Baguettes Snack The Laughing Cow 'Gourmet' cheese w/ mini onion-poppy baguettes  
Cheese Dip & Cheddar Sticks Sargento/Keebler w/Keebler cheddar sticks  
Cheese Dips!, Cheddar & Bagel Chips Sargento cheddar dip & zesty range bagel chips  
Cheese Dips!, Cheddar & Pretzels Sargento cheddar dip & buttery pretzels  
Cheese Dips!, Cheddar & Tortilla Chips Sargento cheddar dip & tortilla chips  
Cheese Pizza Bites Medifast  
Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap Chick-Fil-A  
Chicken Caesar Wrap Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Chicken California Wrap Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Chicken Wrapper Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Chili Lime Roasted Sweet Corn I.M. Healthy  
Chocolate Butterscotch Pudding Snack Pack  
Chocolate Caramel Triples Pudding Snack Pack  
Chocolate Covered Fruit & Nut Brookside  
Chocolate Dip & Cookie Sticks Sargento/Keebler w/Keebler cookies  
Chocolate Fudge Pudding Snack Pack  
Chocolate Lovers Pudding Snack Pack  
Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack  
Chocolate Vanilla Pudding Snack Pack  
Chocolate Vanilla Triples Pudding Snack Pack