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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Rice, Legumes

Name Brand Description Access Level
Add Rice and Kettle Black Beans Chili's  
Arborio - Risotto Rice Rice Select  
Arborio Organic Rice Rice Select  
Asian Sides, Chicken Fried Rice Knorr-Lipton prepared  
Asian Sides, Teriyaki Rice Knorr-Lipton as pkgd  
Authentic Spanish Rice Mix Mahatma  
Basmati Rice Tasty Bite  
Beef Broccoli Rice Knorr-Lipton 'Sides Plus Veggies'  
Black Beans & Rice Zatarain's  
Black Beans & Rice Bowl Sandella's Flatbread  
Black Beans & Rice Mix Mahatma  
Black-Eyed Peas & Rice Zatarain's  
Broccoli & Cheese Rice Mix Mahatma  
Brown Rice  
Brown Rice Vons  
Brown Rice Tasty Bite  
Brown Rice Pei Wei Asian Diner  
Brown Rice Safeway  
Brown rice YC's Mongolian Grill  
Brown Rice (Whole Grain) Mahatma  
Brown Rice - Long Grain Meijer  
Brown-Rice Pilaf (with cheese & tomatoes) Ruby Tuesday  
Buckhead Cheese Grits, Side Corner Bakery  
Cajun Sides, Dirty Rice Knorr-Lipton as pkgd  
Cajun Sides, Garlic Butter Rice Knorr-Lipton prepared  
Cajun Sides, New Orleans Style Chicken Rice Knorr-Lipton as pkgd  
Cajun Sides, Red Beans & Rice Knorr-Lipton as pkgd  
Cal Rose Medium Grain Rice Vons  
Cal Rose Medium Grain Rice Safeway  
California Roll (Brown Rice) Hissho Sushi  
Cantonese Rice, Lowfat Health Valley 'Rice Cup'  
Caribbean Rice Mix Zatarain's  
Cheddar & Broccoli Rice Mix Annie's Homegrown Organic; as pkgd  
Cheddar Chicken & Broccoli Bowl Sandella's Flatbread  
Cheddar Rice with Broccoli & Carrots Knorr-Lipton 'Sides Plus Veggies'  
Cheese Risotto Rice Mix Safeway Select  
Cheesy Mexican Rice Mix, Pad Old El Paso  
Cheesy Rice & Broccoli Green Giant frozen; as pkgd  
Chef's Original Garlic N Herb Risotto Rice Select  
Chef's Original Parmesan Risotto Rice Select  
Chef's Original Portobello Risotto Rice Select  
Chicken & Rice Mix Mahatma  
Chicken Fajita Bowl Sandella's Flatbread  
Chicken Flavored Rice Zatarain's  
Chicken Flavored Rice