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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Rice, Legumes

Name Brand Description Access Level
Vegetable Rice Pilaf Denny's  
Veggie Roll (Brown Rice) Hissho Sushi  
White & Wild Rice Green Giant frozen; rice and green beans, as packaged  
White Beans & Rice Zatarain's  
White Long Grain Rice Safeway  
White Rice Success  
White Rice Mahatma  
White Rice Pei Wei Asian Diner  
White rice YC's Mongolian Grill  
White Rice  
Whole Grain & Wild Rice Mushroom Recipe Uncle Ben's  
Whole Grain Blends, Brown Rice, Pad Near East w/orzo pasta, carrots & spices  
Whole Grain Blends, Chicken & Herbs, Pad Near East w/brown rice, barley & pearled wheat  
Whole Grain Blends, Roasted Garlic, Pad Near East w/brown rice, pearled wheat & bulgur  
Whole Grain Blends, Roasted Pecan & Garlic, Pad Near East w/brown rice & pearled wheat  
Whole Grain Blends, Wheat Pilaf, Pad Near East w/orzo, onions, garlic & spices  
Whole Grain Brown Rice Success  
Whole Grain Brown Rice Birds Eye Voila!  
Whole Grain Brown Rice  
Whole Grain Brown Rice Steamfresh  
Whole Grain Royal Blend Texmati Brown & Red Rice Rice Select  
Wild Rice Pilaf Schwan's  
Yellow Curry Rice, Dry A Taste of Thai  
Yellow Rice Zatarain's