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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sandwiches

Name Brand Description Access Level
Tuscan Chicken Sandwich - Special Request less oil and no basil pesto Not Your Average Joe's  
Tuscany Turkey Sandwich Monical's Pizza  
Twisted Chicken Sandwich Isaac's Restaurant & Deli  
Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Shoney's  
Uptown Turkey Sandwich on Harvest Bread Corner Bakery  
Vegan Benedict - Special Request no sauce M Cafe de Chaya  
Vegetarian Wrap Statue of Liberty: Crown Cafe  
Veggie Wrap Sandella's Flatbread  
Vegwich Ruby's Diner  
Venetian Chicken Sandwich - Special Request dry bun (no butter) Steiner's  
Vesuvio Melt Bar Louie  
Wasabi Chicken Salad Wrap - Special Request 1 Tbs dressing Salad Creations  
Whitefish Salad Wrap Wegmans  
Whooping Crane Sandwich Isaac's Restaurant & Deli  
Winnett Sandwich - Special Request less mayonnaise Marmalade Cafe  
Wrap Session - Crispy Friendly's  
Wrap Session - Grilled Friendly's