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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Condiments, Dressings, Sauces, Toppings

Name Brand Description Access Level
Ranch Dressing Black-Eyed Pea  
Ranch Dressing Souper Salad  
Ranch Dressing - Entree Friendly's  
Ranch Dressing - Side Friendly's  
Ranch Dressing, Reduced Calorie Souper Salad  
Ranchero Picante Bob Evans  
Red Curry Peanut Sauce Genghis Grill  
Red Onions Souper Salad  
Red Pepper, Crushed Souper Salad  
Remoulade Red Lobster  
Roasted Caramel Apple Topping Bob Evans  
Roasted Tomato Sauce Genghis Grill  
Roasted Turkey Gravy Wegmans  
Roma Tomatoes Souper Salad  
Romaine Lettuce Souper Salad  
Romano Souper Salad  
Rosemary Vinaigrette Wegmans  
Russian Dressing: Add Wegmans Old Fashioned Subs Cheese & Condiments  
Salad Dressing, Bleu Cheese Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Honey French Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Honey Mustard Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Italian Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Italian, Nonfat Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Ranch Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Ranch, Nonfat Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Thousand Island Shoney's  
Salad Dressing, Thousand Island, Nonfat Shoney's  
Salad Vegetable Oil Shoney's  
Salsa Shoney's  
Saltine Cracker Packet Friendly's  
Saltine Crackers Souper Salad  
Saltine Crackers Bob Evans  
Seniors Bowl of Sausage Gravy Bob Evans  
Seniors Cup of Sausage Gravy Bob Evans  
Sesame Oriental Dressing - Entree Friendly's  
Sesame Oriental Dressing - Side Friendly's  
Shoney's Secret Sauce Shoney's  
Shredded Lettuce Cactus Jack's  
Sliced Italian Sausage Topping Fazoli's  
Sour Cream Cactus Jack's  
Sour Cream Bob Evans  
Sour Cream Chevy's  
Sour Cream, Imitation Shoney's  
Sour Cream, Light Souper Salad  
Soy Sauce (shoyu) Southern Tsunami