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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sandwiches

Name Brand Description Access Level
Cranberry Chicken Wrap Country Style  
Croissant (Tuna) Eat'n Park  
Deli Bacon Einstein Bros Bagels  
Deli Chicken Salad Einstein Bros Bagels  
Deli Ham Einstein Bros Bagels  
Deli Pastrami Einstein Bros Bagels  
Deli Tuna Salad Einstein Bros Bagels  
Deli Turkey & Swiss Einstein Bros Bagels  
Deluxe Mild w/mayo or Deluxe spicy Sandwich Popeyes  
Deluxe Mild wo/mayo Sandwich Popeyes  
Egg Salad-Sandwiches Country Style  
Egg Way with Bacon Einstein Bros Bagels  
Egg Way with Black Forest Ham Einstein Bros Bagels  
Egg Way with Sausage Einstein Bros Bagels  
Egg Way, Original Einstein Bros Bagels  
Egg Way, Spinach Mushroom and Swiss Omelette Einstein Bros Bagels  
Fish Sandwich W/tartar Sauce  
Fish Sandwich W/tartar Sauce, Cheese  
French Toast Eat'n Park  
French Toast (Bacon) Eat'n Park  
French Toast (Sausage) Eat'n Park  
Gourmet Grilled Cheese w/o Side Eat'n Park  
Greek Wrap Country Style  
Grilled Cheese Eat'n Park  
Grilled Chicken Bistro w/ Bacon-Sandwiches Country Style  
Grilled Chicken, Bacon and Swiss Einstein Bros Bagels  
Ham & Cheese Sandwich  
Ham & Cheese Sandwich  
Ham & Swiss Sandwich(2 slices of bread value not included) Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich  
Hamburger reg, plain  
Hamburger, Double Patty large w/condiments & veg  
Hamburger, Large, Single Patty, Plain  
Hamburger, Single Patty large, w/condiments & veg  
Hamburger, Single-patty large w/condiments  
Hamburger, Triple Patty large w/condiments  
Honey Wheatberry Bread Sandwich Camille's Sidewalk Cafe  
Hot Dog Woody's Bar-B-Q  
Hot Dog with chili  
Hot Dog, Plain  
Hot Turkey Eat'n Park  
Hot Turkey Sandwich Eat'n Park  
Hotdog W/cornflour Coating (corndog)  
Italian Chicken Panini Einstein Bros Bagels  
Italian Chicken Panini