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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Sides, Vegetables, Fruits

Name Brand Description Access Level
Cole Slaw Long John Silver's  
Cole Slaw Culver's  
Coleslaw Church's Chicken reg  
Corn Cobbette Long John Silver's  
Corn Kernels El Cholo  
Corn On The Cob KFC 5.5'' cob  
Corn On The Cob Popeye's  
Corn On The Cob Church's Chicken edible portion  
Corn On The Cob  
Corn Tortilla El Cholo  
Corn Tortilla  
Cottage Cheese Steak 'N Shake  
Creamed Spinach  
Creamed Spinach  
Creamy Coleslaw Steak 'N Shake  
Crinkle Cut Fries, Large Culver's  
Crinkle Cut Fries, Regular Culver's  
Crinkle Cut Fries, Small Culver's  
Crumblies Long John Silver's  
Curly Fries - Large Arby's  
Curly Fries - Medium Arby's  
Curly Fries - Small Arby's  
Dairyland Cheese Curds Culver's  
Del Nachos Dell Taco  
Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries Dell Taco  
Dinner Roll Culver's  
Dirty Rice Bojangles'  
Egg Roll One pc Jack in The Box  
Egg Rolls Three pc Jack in The Box  
Fat Fries Fatburger  
Fiesta Spud with Chicken Chili Jason's Deli  
Fiesta Spud with Chili Jason's Deli  
Fire Roasted Exotic Grains and Vegetables Au Bon Pain  
Frech Fries, Small Size McDonald's  
French Fries Church's Chicken reg  
French Fries In-N-Out  
French Fries Nathan's Famous regular  
French Fries Dairy Queen/Brazier small  
French Fries Cousins Subs small  
French Fries Del Taco regular  
French Fries McDonald's small  
French Fries  
French Fries Popeye's  
French Fries - kid size El Pollo Loco  
French Fries - Large McDonalds