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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Poultry and Seafood

Name Brand Description Access Level
Eat'n Smart Chargrilled Chicken Eat'n Park  
Enchirito - Chicken Taco Bell  
Famous Bowls - Mashed Potato W/gravy KFC  
Famous Bowls - Rice W/gravy KFC  
Fish & Chips National Coney Island  
Fish & Chips - large Jack in The Box  
Fish & Chips - medium Jack in The Box  
Fish & Chips - small Jack in The Box  
Fish Curry Kabob and Curry  
Fish Fillet Sandwich Steak 'N Shake  
Fish Fillet Sandwich  
Fish Fillets Sandwich Steak 'N Shake  
Fish N Chips Arthur Treacher's  
Fish n' Chips, Six Pieces Culver's  
Fish Sandwich Jack in The Box  
Flame-Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast El Pollo Loco  
Fresh Fried Chicken - Four Pieces Culver's  
Fresh Fried Chicken - Two Pieces Culver's  
Grilled Alaskan Salmon - Special Request steamed vegetables instead of potatoes Brookfields  
Grilled Brochette of Chicken Breast - Little Eaters - Special Request less butter Edward's Steak House  
Grilled Chicken Breast Culver's  
Grilled Chicken Deluxe Tropichop Pollo Tropical  
Grilled Chicken Deluxe Tropichop Max Pollo Tropical  
Grilled Filet of Alaskan Halibut Edward's Steak House  
Grilled Fresh Maine Scallops Edward's Steak House  
Grilled Sea Scallops Harry's Harbour Place Grill  
Guiltless Cedar Plank Tilapia Chili's  
Guiltless Chicken Platter Chili's  
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece) Checkers  
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece) Checkers  
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club Jack in The Box  
Hot Caesar Wing Little Caesars  
Icelandic Florentine - Special Request artichoke topping on the side Brookfields  
Iron Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Basket Dairy Queen  
Jack's Spicy Chicken Jack in The Box  
Jack's Spicy Chicken with Cheese Jack in The Box  
Jr. Chicken Fingers Steak 'N Shake  
Kid's Chicken Tenders  
Kid's Meal -Leg El Pollo Loco  
Kid's Meal -Popcorn Chicken El Pollo Loco  
Kid's Meal Chicken Strips Whataburger  
Kids Chicken Tenders Johnny Rockets  
Kids Chicken Tenders, Breaded, Two Pieces Culver's  
Kids Meal - Popcorn Chicken Arby's  
Kids' Meal Chicken Nuggets Wendy's