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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Breakfast

Name Brand Description Access Level
English Muffin with Trans Fat Free Liquid Margarine McDonalds  
Extreme Sausage Sandwich Jack in The Box  
Five Piece Hash Brown Sticks Dell Taco  
Four Bacon Strips Steak 'N Shake  
French Pecan Toast Au Bon Pain  
French Toastix Arby's  
Fresh Banana Oatmeal Jamba Juice  
Fresh Spinach and Mushroom Omelette - Special Request no cheese, dry sourdough toast, egg substitute, and fresh fruit instead of potatoes Brookfields  
Fruit Parfait with Yougurt Parfait Quiznos  
Garden Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich Quiznos  
Garden Vegetable Breakfast Sandwich w/ Cheese Quiznos  
Grilled Cheese Minis & Fries Ruby Tuesday  
Grilled Chicken Spring roll Hissho Sushi  
Ham & Cheese Croissant Arby's  
Ham And Cheese Croissant Au Bon Pain  
Ham and Swiss Cheese Croissant Peet's Coffee & Tea  
Ham Biscuit Arby's  
Ham Breakfast Sandwich Quiznos  
Ham Breakfast Sandwich w/ Cheese Quiznos  
Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Arby's  
Ham, Egg & Cheese Croissant Arby's  
Ham, Egg & Cheese Sourdough Arby's  
Ham, Egg, & Cheese Wrap Arby's  
Hash Brown Sticks - Five Jack in The Box  
Hash Browns McDonalds  
Hash Browns Steak 'N Shake  
Hash Browns McDonald's  
Hash Browns Baker's Drive Thru  
Hash Browns  
Hissho Healthy Roll Hissho Sushi  
Homestyle Chicken Biscuit Jack in The Box  
Hotcakes McDonald's w/ 2 pats margarine & syrup  
Hotcakes & Sausage McDonald's  
Hotcakes W/margarine & Syrup McDonald's w/2 pats margarine & syrup  
Hotcakes with Syrup and BecelMargarine McDonalds  
Hotcakes,plain McDonald's  
Jr. French Toast Steak 'N Shake  
Jr. Pancakes Steak 'N Shake  
Jr. Pancakes n Syrup Steak 'N Shake  
Jr. Scrambled Egg, Bacon n Toast Steak 'N Shake  
Lox & Bagel Sandwich Noah's  
Machaca Burrito Baker's Drive Thru  
Macho Bacon & Egg Burrito Dell Taco  
Meaty Breakfast Burrito Jack in The Box  
Meaty Breakfast Burrito with Fire Roasted Salsa Jack in The Box