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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Chicken

Name Brand Description Access Level
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice Schwan's  
Teriaki Marinated Chicken breast Wegmans  
Thigh El Pollo Loco  
Thigh Cutlets, Broiled Wegmans  
Thigh, Bone-In, baked Wegmans  
Thigh, Bone-In, baked with skin removed Wegmans  
Thigh, Boneless/Skinless Wegmans  
Thuman's BBQ Chicken Breast Deli Wegmans  
Thumanns Buffalo Roasted Chicken Breast Deli Wegmans  
Traditional Chicken Steamrollers  
Ultimate Chicken Grill Fillet Wendy's  
Unbreaded Chicken Breast Filets Schwan's  
White Chicken - Premium Chunk Meijer  
White Chicken Oven Roasted Oscar Mayer  
White Meat Chicken and Three Cheese Quesadillas Schwan's  
White Meat Chicken Egg Rolls Schwan's  
White Meat Chicken McNuggets McDonalds  
Whole Chicken with Neck and Giblets Pilgrim's Pride excludes giblets  
Whole Fryer, roasted Wegmans  
Wing El Pollo Loco  
Wing, baked Wegmans  
Wing, baked with skin removed Wegmans  
Wings Over Buffalo w/ Bleu Cheese Chili's  
Zesty Chicken Border Bowl Taco Bell  
Zesty Chicken Border Bowl Without Dressing Taco Bell