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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Seeds

Name Brand Description Access Level
100% Spelt Kernel/Berries - Non-Organic Vita Spelt  
100% Spelt Kernel/Berries - Organic Vita Spelt  
Anise Seed  
Anise Seed  
Breadfruit Seed, Boiled  
Breadfruit Seed, Raw  
Breadfruit Seed, Roasted  
Breadnut Tree Seed, Dried  
Breadnut Tree Seed, Raw 8-14 seeds  
Chia Seed, Dried  
Chia Seeds Shiloh Farms  
Cilantro Seed Spice Islands  
Cottonseed Kernels, Roasted glandless  
Flax Fiber Prebiotic Spectrum  
Flax Seed, Ground  
Flaxseed, Brown Arrowhead Mills Organic  
Flaxseed, Golden Arrowhead Mills Organic  
Flaxseed, Ground Spectrum Organic; cold milled flaxseeds w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Ground with mixed Berries Spectrum Organic; cold milled ground flaxseed, w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Milled Hodgson Mill 100% whole grain  
Flaxseed, Roasted Spectrum Organic; dry roasted golden flaxseed, w/lignans  
Flaxseed, Whole Spectrum Organic; triple-cleaned w/lignans  
Forti-Flax (ground Flax Seed) Barlean's Organic  
Hemp Hearts, Natural Manitoba Harvest  
Hemp Hearts, Natural 2oz Manitoba Harvest  
Hemp Hearts, Natural Single Serve Manitoba Harvest  
Hemp Hearts, Organic Manitoba Harvest  
Lotus Seed, Dried  
Lotus Seed, Raw  
Mustard - Indianapolis region White Castle  
Mustard - Columbus, Detroit, Minneapolis, Nashville, NE Ohio, New Jersey & New York regions White Castle  
Mustard - Minneapolis, Columbus, Detroit & NE Ohio regions White Castle  
Mustard; Dusseldorf - Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville & Nashville regions White Castle  
Organic Black Sesame Seeds Shiloh Farms  
Organic Brown Flax Seeds Shiloh Farms  
Organic Golden Flax Seeds Shiloh Farms  
Organic Poppy Seeds Shiloh Farms  
Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Shelled Shiloh Farms  
Organic Roasted Golden Flax Seed Melissa's  
Organic Roasted Golden Flax Seeds Shiloh Farms  
Organic Sesame Seeds, Hulled Shiloh Farms  
Organic Sunflower Seeds, Shelled Shiloh Farms  
Organic Wheat Kernels Vita Spelt  
Original Chia Seed Nuchia  
Original Sunflower Seeds - 0.9 oz. bag David