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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Nuts

Name Brand Description Access Level
Chestnuts, Marron, Jar Roland  
Chopped Hazelnuts Diamond of California  
Chopped Macadamias Diamond of California  
Chopped Pecans Diamond of California  
Chopped Walnuts Diamond of California  
Coconut Meat, Desiccated creamed  
Coconut Meat, Desiccated, Sweetened flaked, canned  
Coconut Meat, Desiccated, Unsweetened  
Coconut Meat, Raw 2 x 2 x 1/2''  
Coconut Meat, Sweetened, Toasted dried  
Coconut, White Frieda's  
Coconut, Young Frieda's  
Coquito Nut Frieda's  
Dark Chocolate Mauna Loa MAUNA LOA Chocolate  
English Walnuts Hammons  
Filbert, Dried, Blanched, Raw (hazelnut)  
Filbert, Dried, Raw (hazelnut)  
Filbert, Dry Roasted, No Added Salt (hazelnut)  
Finely Diced Walnuts Diamond of California  
Ginkgo Nut, Canned 78 kernels  
Ginkgo Nut, Dried  
Ginkgo Nut, Raw  
Go-Nuts, Lightly Salted Almonds Planters  
Hazelnuts, Chopped (filberts) Planters  
Hazelnuts, Natural (Unroasted) Hammons  
Hazelnuts, Whole (filberts) Oregon Hazelnuts natural  
Hickory Nut, Dried  
Holiday Collection, Mixed Nuts, Fancy Cashews Planters Jumbo Cashews and Cashews  
Honey Roasted Mauna Loa MAUNA LOA Macadamias  
In-The-Shell Almonds Diamond of California  
In-The-Shell Brazil Nuts Diamond of California  
In-The-Shell Hazelnuts Diamond of California  
In-The-Shell Jumbo Walnuts Diamond of California  
In-The-Shell Pecans Diamond of California  
Kona Coffee Mauna Loa MAUNA LOA Macadamias  
Lightly Roasted Almonds Pistachios Walnuts Pecans TrueNorth  
Macadamia Cashew Mix & Select Almonds Planters Ready to cook  
Macadamia Nut, Dried, Raw (bushnut) whole or halves  
Macadamia Nut, Dry Roasted W/salt (bushnut) whole or halves  
Macadamia Nut, Dry Roasted, No Salt (bushnut) whole or halves  
Macadamia Nuts Melissa's  
Macadamia Nuts, Natural (Unroasted) Hammons  
Macadamias, Chopped Planters  
Macadamias, Whole Planters  
Maui Onion & Garlic Mauna Loa MAUNA LOA Macadamias