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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Beans, Peas

Name Brand Description Access Level
California Blackeye Peas Hurst's HamBeens  
Canned Black Beans Meijer  
Canned Blackeye Peas Meijer  
Canned Butter Beans Meijer  
Canned Chili Beans - Mild Meijer  
Canned Dark Red Kidney Beans Meijer  
Canned Garbanzo Beans Chick Peas Meijer  
Canned Great Northern Beans Meijer  
Canned Light Red Kidney Beans Meijer  
Canned Pinto Beans Meijer  
Canned Pork and Beans with Tomato Sauce Meijer  
Canned Red Beans Meijer  
Cannellini Bean Eden Foods Organic; kosher  
Cannellini Bean  
Cannellini Bean Progresso  
Cannellini Bean Bush's  
Caribbean Recipe Beans S&W  
Ceci, Italian Chickpeas Roland  
Charro Beans Don Pablos  
Chick Peas, Garbanzos Roland  
Chicken 15 Bean Soup Hurst's HamBeens  
Chickpea Flour (garbanzo) besan  
Chickpeas (garbanzos) Progresso  
Chickpeas, Baby Dark (garbanzos) Jyoti Indian Cuisine - Kala Channa in light brine  
Chickpeas, Boiled W/salt (garbanzo) bengal gram, mature seed  
Chickpeas, Boiled, No Added Salt (garbanzo) bengal gram, mature seed  
Chickpeas, Canned (garbanzo) bengal gram, mature seed  
Chickpeas, Dry (garbanzos) Arrowhead Mills Organic  
Chickpeas, Raw (garbanzo) bengal gram, mature seed  
Chili 15 Bean Soup Hurst's HamBeens  
Chili Bean, Barbeque ranch style  
Chili Beans Westbrae Natural Organic  
Chili Beans Bush's  
Chili Beans  
Chili Beans Sun Vista  
Chili Beans, Chili Sauce Kuner's  
Chili Beans, Red Beans in Chili Sauce Bush's  
Chili Beans, Seasoned Eden Foods Organic; w/jalapeno & red pepper, kosher  
Chili Beans, Spicy Joan of Arc  
Chili Beans, Zesty Sante Fe Sauce S&W pinto beans & chipotle peppers  
Chili Beans, Zesty Tomato Sauce S&W pinto beans, chili peppers, onion & garlic  
Chili Hot Beans in Chili Gravy Red Gold  
Chili Makin's, Black Beans S&W  
Chili Makin's, Homestyle S&W  
Chili Makin's, Original S&W