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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Beans, Peas

Name Brand Description Access Level
15 Bean Soup Hurst's HamBeens  
Adzuki Bean, Boiled W/salt mature seeds  
Adzuki Bean, Boiled, No Added Salt mature seeds  
Adzuki Bean, Dry (aduki) Arrowhead Mills Organic  
Adzuki Bean, Dry (aduki)  
Adzuki Bean, Dry (aduki) Eden Foods Organic; kosher  
Adzuki Bean, Raw mature seeds  
Adzuki Bean, Sweetened, Canned mature seeds  
Adzuki Bean, Yokan mature seeds  
Anasazi Bean, Dry Arrowhead Mills Organic  
Baby Limas Hurst's HamBeens  
Baked Bean W/beef, Canned  
Baked Bean W/franks, Canned  
Baked Bean W/ground Beef Van Camp's  
Baked Bean W/pork & Sweet Sauce, Canned  
Baked Bean W/pork & Tomato Sauce, Canned  
Baked Bean W/pork, Canned  
Baked Bean with Chicken Van Camp's  
Baked Bean with Hot Dogs Van Camp's hot dogs made w/chicken & beef  
Baked Bean, Barbecue Bush's  
Baked Bean, Bold & Spicy Bush's  
Baked Bean, Boston Recipe Bush's  
Baked Bean, Brown Sugar & Bacon Flavored Campbell's  
Baked Bean, Canned plain or vegetarian  
Baked Bean, Canned, No Added Salt  
Baked Bean, Country Style Bush's  
Baked Bean, Homestyle Bush's  
Baked Bean, Honey Bush's  
Baked Bean, Honey & Ham Van Camp's  
Baked Bean, Hp  
Baked Bean, Maple Cured Bacon Bush's  
Baked Bean, Onion Bush's  
Baked Bean, Original Bush's  
Baked Bean, Original, Microwavable Cup Bush's  
Baked Bean, Seasoned Eden Foods Organic; w/sorghum & mustard, kosher  
Baked Bean, Vegetarian Amy's Kitchen Organic  
Baked Bean, Vegetarian Bush's  
Baked Beans Bacon & Onion with Brown Sugar 16oz B&M  
Baked Beans Bacon & Onion with Brown Sugar 28oz B&M  
Baked Beans Brown Sugar & Bacon Flavored Beans Campbell's  
Baked Beans Maple Flavor 16oz B&M  
Baked Beans Maple Flavor 28oz B&M  
Baked Beans Original 16oz B&M  
Baked Beans Original 28oz B&M  
Baked Beans Original 55oz B&M