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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Cooking Ingredients

Name Brand Description Access Level
Praline Pumpkin Seeds King Arthur Flour  
Premier White Chocolate Chips Hershey's  
Premium Cake Kit - Fudge-Glazed Sour Cream Chocolate King Arthur Flour  
Provolone LaRosa's Pizzeria  
Pudding Mix, Tapioca, No Added Salt dry mix, amount to make 1/2 cup  
Puff Pastry Sheets Pepperidge Farm  
Puff Pastry Shells Pepperidge Farm  
Puff Pastry Shells, Mini Pepperidge Farm 4 mini shells  
Pumpernickel Plus Bread Base King Arthur Flour  
Pumpkin Spice muffin & Quick Bread Mix King Arthur Flour  
Pure Bliss Fudge Brownie Mix King Arthur Flour  
Pure Light Olive Oil Safeway Select  
Queen Guinevere Cake Flour King Arthur Flour  
Raspberry-White Chocolate Scone Mix King Arthur Flour  
Raw Alfalfa Honey Shiloh Farms  
Red Cooking Wine Holland House  
Red Curry Paste  
Red Curry Paste Thai Kitchen  
Red Curry Paste A Taste of Thai  
Red Wine Vinegar Holland House  
Red Wine Vinegar Safeway Select  
Red Wine Vinegar Spectrum Organic  
Red Wine Vinegar, 6 Degrees Roland  
Rennin Tablets, Unsweetened 1 pkg  
Rice Bran Kinnikinnick Foods  
Rice Cooking Wine (mirin) Eden Foods  
Rice Wine Vinegar, Seasoned Roland  
Rice Wine Vinegar, Unseasoned Roland  
Roasted Red Chili Paste Thai Kitchen  
Round Chocolate Cups Roland  
Rye Bread Improver King Arthur Flour  
Rye Flour Blend King Arthur Flour  
Sago, Raw (pearl Tapioca)  
Salad Finishers, Bistro Chicken Sargento  
Salad Finishers, Blue Cheese Sargento  
Salad Finishers, Cheddar Bacon Sargento  
Salad Finishers, Cheddar Chicken Sargento  
Salad Finishers, Chicken Caesar Sargento  
Salad Finishers, Classic Chef Sargento  
Salad Finishers, Cranberry Pecan Sargento  
Salad Oil Vons  
Salad Oil Safeway  
Salt-Rising Bread Yeast King Arthur Flour  
Schokinag Bittersweet Chocolate Chips King Arthur Flour  
Schokinag Extreme Dark Bittersweet Chocolate Chips King Arthur Flour