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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Packaged

Name Brand Description Access Level
Apricot, Water Pack, Canned w/skin, solids and liquids (served w/liquid)  
Baby Apples in Light Syrup Roland canned; with stems  
Baby Pears in Light Syrup, Whole Roland  
Baked Apple, Whole Musselman's  
Baked Apple, Whole, Old Fashioned Musselman's  
Bananas Bare Fruit  
Bananas and Cherries Bare Fruit  
Bartlett Pears, Sliced In Light Syrup Del Monte 'Orchard Select'  
Blackberries, Frozen, Bag Cascadian Farm Organic  
Blackberry, Frozen  
Blackberry, Heavy Syrup, Canned solids and liquids  
Blackberry, Unsweetened, Frozen unthawed  
Blueberries, Frozen Flav-R-Pac  
Blueberries, Frozen, Bag Cascadian Farm Organic  
Blueberry, Heavy Syrup, Canned solids and liquids  
Blueberry, Sweetened, Frozen thawed  
Blueberry, Unsweetened, Frozen unthawed  
Boysenberries, Frozen Flav-R-Pac  
Boysenberry, Heavy Syrup, Canned  
Boysenberry, Unsweetened, Frozen unthawed  
Cantaloupe Balls, Frozen Flav-R-Pac  
Cherries with Stems, Maraschino Meijer  
Cherries, Amarena Roland  
Cherries, Chocolate Flavored Roland  
Cherries, Dark, Pitted In Heavy Syrup Del Monte  
Cherries, Lemon Flavored Roland  
Cherries, Lime Flavored Roland  
Cherries, Maraschino Meijer  
Cherries, Maraschino with Stems Roland  
Cherries, Maraschino, Stemless Roland  
Cherries, Passion Fruit Flavored Roland  
Cherries, Premium Maraschino Roland  
Cherries, Wild Berry Flavored Roland  
Chipped Apple, Deluxe Musselman's  
Chunky Applesauce  
Chunky Mixed Fruit, Canned In Lightly Sweetened Juice - Natural Style S&W 'Natural Style' in lightly sweetened juice  
Cinnamon Apple Chips Bare Fruit  
Cinnamon Apple Sauce Safeway  
Cinnamon Applesauce  
Citrus Salad Del Monte SunFresh red & white grapefruits and oranges, peeled, sectioned  
Classic Fruit, Deluxe Berry Mix Flav-R-Pac  
Coconuts Melissa's  
Crab Apples, Spiced Lucky Leaf bottled  
Crab Apples, Spiced Musselman's bottled  
Cranberry Raspberry Sauce, Plus, Light Mott's