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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh

Name Brand Description Access Level
Abiyuch, Raw  
Acerola, Raw (west Indian Cherry) w/o refuse  
Anti-Gravity Grapes Denny's  
Apple Slices Hacienda Mexican Restaurants  
Apple Slices  
Apple Slices, Fresh Tree Top in Zip-Pak pouch  
Apple W/o Skin, Boiled sliced  
Apple W/o Skin, Microwave sliced  
Apple W/o Skin, Raw 3/lb (2.75'' dia)  
Apple W/skin, Raw 3.25'' dia, 2/lb  
Apple, Granny Smith Country Inn & Suites  
Apple, Medium Chiquita  
Apple, Raw Wegmans  
Apple, Raw  
Apple, Raw Dole  
Apple, Red Country Inn & Suites  
Apricot, Raw  
Apricots Chiquita  
Apricots, Raw Dole  
Asian Pear Frieda's  
Asian Pear  
Asian Pear, Raw 2.25 x 2.5'' dia  
Atemoya Frieda's similar to a cherimoya  
Avocado, California, Raw w/o skin & seeds  
Avocado, Florida, Raw w/o skin & seeds  
Avocado, Medium Chiquita  
Avocado, Raw Wegmans  
Avocado, Raw all commercial varieties  
Avocados, California - Medium Sized Calavo  
Avocados, Raw Dole  
Baby (nino) Banana Frieda's  
Baby Bananas Melissa's  
Baby Kiwi Melissa's  
Baby Kiwifruit Frieda's  
Bagel Plain Country Inn & Suites  
Banana Country Inn & Suites  
Banana Chiquita  
Banana (Medium Size) Turbana  
Banana Melon, Navajo