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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Shellfish

Name Brand Description Access Level
Abalone, Fried mixed species  
Abalone, Limpet Shellfish Roland  
Abalone, Mixed Species, Raw  
Abalone-Like Shellfish, Locos Roland  
Ascidian (sea Squirt)  
Black Quahog, Muscle, Raw  
Blue Crab, Raw Wegmans  
Breaded & Fried Scallop  
Breaded & Fried Shrimp  
Calamares in Ink Sauce Roland  
Chiton, Leathery, Gumboots Alaska Native  
Chopped Clams Bumble Bee  
Clam, Breaded & Fried mixed species  
Clam, Canned mixed species, drained solids, canned, liquid  
Clam, Cooked mixed species, moist heat  
Clam, Raw mixed species  
Clams, Baby, Smoked Roland  
Clams, Baby, Whole Roland  
Clams, Chopped in Clam Juice Roland  
Clams, Chopped Or Minced, Canned Orleans  
Clams, Chopped, Canned Doxsee in clam juice  
Clams, Chopped, Canned Bar Harbor Seafoods all natural  
Clams, Chopped, Canned  
Clams, Chopped, Canned Snow's in clam juice  
Clams, Fancy Baby Brunswick  
Clams, Minced Roland  
Clams, Pacific Roland  
Clams, Pink, Whole Roland  
Clams, Raw Wegmans  
Clams, Razor Roland  
Clams, Smoked Orleans  
Clams, Whole, Canned Chicken of the Sea premium whole baby clams  
Clams, Whole, Pouch Chicken of the Sea premium whole baby clams  
Cockles Alaskan Native  
Conch, Baked Or Broiled sliced  
Consul, Crabmeat Roland  
Crab Cake, Blue  
Crab Meat, Icelandic  
Crab Nachos Holly Clegg trim&Terrific  
Crab, Alaska King  
Crab, Alaska King, Cooked moist heat  
Crab, Alaska King, Imitation made from Surimi  
Crab, Blue, Canned drained, 1 can (6.5 oz)  
Crab, Blue, Cooked moist heat (not packed)  
Crab, Blue, Raw