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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Shellfish

Name Brand Description Access Level
Mussel, Blue, Raw  
Mussel, Raw  
Mussels A La Nicoise Roland  
Mussels in Tomato Sauce Roland mussels in tomato sauce and spices  
Mussels in Water, Salt Added Roland  
Mussels, Cherrywood Smoked Roland in cottonseed oil  
Mussels, Marinated Roland  
Mussels, Marinated, Jar Roland  
Mussels, Whole Shelled, Canned Bar Harbor Seafoods all natural  
Octopus Alaska Native  
Octopus, Common, Cooked moist heat  
Octopus, Common, Raw  
Octopus, Smoked, Sliced Roland  
Octopus, Spiced with Vegetables Roland with tomato sauce and sliced carrots  
Oopah, Whole Animal Alaska Native, Tunicata  
Oyster, Cherrywood Smoked Roland  
Oyster, Cherrywood Smoked, Large Roland  
Oyster, Cherrywood Smoked, Medium Roland  
Oyster, Cherrywood Smoked, Petite Roland  
Oyster, Eastern, Breaded & Fried  
Oyster, Eastern, Canned  
Oyster, Eastern, Farmed, Cooked dry heat  
Oyster, Eastern, Farmed, Raw  
Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Cooked moist heat  
Oyster, Eastern, Wild, Raw  
Oyster, Pacific, Cooked moist heat  
Oyster, Pacific, Raw  
Oysters, Fancy Smoked Brunswick drained  
Oysters, Raw Wegmans  
Oysters, Smoked Orleans  
Oysters, Smoked Reese Colossal  
Oysters, Smoked, In Oil Chicken of the Sea  
Oysters, Smoked, In Water Chicken of the Sea  
Oysters, Smoked, Pouch Chicken of the Sea  
Oysters, Smoked, Teriyaki Chicken of the Sea  
Oysters, Whole, Canned Chicken of the Sea  
Oysters, Whole, Canned Orleans  
Oysters, Whole, Canned Roland  
Picnic Shrimp Roland  
Pink Crabmeat Bumble Bee  
Prawn, Boiled  
Prawn, Canned  
Scallop, Bay & Sea, Steamed  
Scallop, Breaded & Fried mixed species  
Scallop, Imitation imitation, made from Surimi