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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fin Fish

Name Brand Description Access Level
Lumpsucker, Female, Dried, Raw  
Lumpsucker, Female, Flesh, Raw  
Lumpsucker, Female, Salted, Raw  
Lumpsucker, Male, Liver, Raw  
Lumpsucker, Male, Raw  
Lumpsucker, Male, Smoked  
Mackerel Fillets in Soybean Oil Roland skinless & boneless  
Mackerel, Raw Wegmans  
Mackerel, Salted 5 1/2 x 1.5 x 1/2''  
Mackerel, Whole, Raw  
Mahi- Mahi, Raw Wegmans  
Mahi-mahi, Fresh Wegmans cooked  
Milkfish, Cooked dry heat  
Milkfish, Raw  
Monkfish, Cooked (goosefish, Anglerfish) dry heat  
Monkfish, Raw Wegmans  
Monkfish, Raw (goosefish, Anglerfish)  
Northern Pike, Cooked dry heat  
Northern Pike, Liver, Raw Alaska Native  
Northern Pike, Raw  
Norway Haddock, Fillet, Raw  
Norway Pout, Flesh, Raw  
Ocean Perch, Raw Wegmans  
Ocean Pout, Cooked dry heat  
Ocean Pout, Raw  
Orange Roughy  
Orange Roughy, Cooked dry heat  
Orange Roughy, Raw Wegmans  
Orange Roughy, Raw  
Pacific Cod, Cooked dry heat  
Pacific Cod, Raw  
Pacific Mackerel, Cooked Pacific & Jack, mixed species, dry heat  
Pacific Mackerel, Raw Pacific & Jack, mixed species  
Pacific Rockfish, Cooked mixed species, dry heat  
Pacific Rockfish, Raw mixed species  
Pecan Trout with Dijon Sauce Holly Clegg trim&Terrific  
Perch, Cooked mixed species, dry heat  
Perch, Raw mixed species  
Pink Salmon  
Plaice, Fillet, Raw  
Pollock, Fresh Wegmans cooked  
Pollock, Raw Wegmans  
Pompano, Florida, Cooked dry heat  
Pompano, Florida, Raw