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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fin Fish

Name Brand Description Access Level
Flounder, Raw Wegmans  
Freshwater Bass, Cooked mixed species, dry heat  
Freshwater Bass, Raw mixed species, raw  
Gefilte Fish, Commercial, Sweet  
Gefilte Fish, Liquid Broth Manischewitz  
Genova Tonno In Olive Oil, Canned Chicken of the Sea solid light tuna in olive oil  
Glazed Salmon Holly Clegg trim&Terrific  
Great Silver Smelt, Fillet, Raw  
Greenland Halibut, Cooked dry heat  
Greenland Halibut, Fillet, Raw  
Grouper, Cooked mixed species, dry heat  
Grouper, Raw Wegmans  
Grouper, Raw mixed species  
Haddock Liver, Raw  
Haddock W/cream Sauce  
Haddock W/potatoes, Onion, Flour, Plokkfiskur  
Haddock, Cooked dry heat  
Haddock, Dried, Hardfiskur  
Haddock, Dried, Raw  
Haddock, Emulsion, Raw Ysufars  
Haddock, Fillet, Boiled  
Haddock, Fillet, Broiled  
Haddock, Fillet, Raw  
Haddock, Fillet, Smoked  
Haddock, Fried  
Haddock, Minced, Raw  
Haddock, Raw  
Haddock, Raw Wegmans  
Haddock, Roasted  
Haddock, Smoked (finnan Haddie) no bone  
Halibut, Big, Fillet, Raw  
Halibut, Breaded, Fried  
Halibut, Cooked Atlantic & Pacific, dry heat  
Halibut, Fillet, Boiled  
Halibut, Greenland, Raw (turbot)  
Halibut, Pickled  
Halibut, Raw Atlantic & Pacific  
Halibut, Raw Wegmans  
Halibut, Small, Fillet, Raw  
Herring Eggs On Giant Kelp Alaska Native  
Herring Eggs, Pacific, Dry Alaska Native  
Herring Eggs, Pacific, Plain Alaska Native