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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Oils

Name Brand Description Access Level
Star Extra Virgin Olive Oil Star  
Star Jalapeno Nacho Rings Star  
Star Olive Oil with Garlic Star  
Star Olives - Queen Spanish Olives/Pimiento Stuffed Star  
Star Olives - Salad or Sliced Manzanilla Star  
Star Olives - Whole Manzanilla Star  
Star Originale Olive Oil Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Balsamic Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Golden Balsamic Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Natural Rice Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Red Garlic Wine Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Red Raspberry Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Red Wine Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - Seasoned Rice Star  
Star Wine Vinegar - White Wine Star  
Sunflower Oil Hain  
Sunflower Oil Loriva 100% pure American  
Sunflower Oil  
Sunflower Oil  
Sunflower Oil, High Heat, Refined Spectrum Organic; 100% expeller pressed naturally refined  
Sunflower Oil, Industrial, Mid-oleic typical basis for ice cream coatings  
Sunflower Oil, Linoleic linoleic (less than 60%)  
Sunsweet Lighter Bake Butter or Oil Substitute Sunsweet  
Teaseed Oil  
Toasted Sesame Oil  
Tomatoseed Oil  
Total Omega Swirl, Vegan Barlean's organic flaxseed oil  
Truffle Oil, Black Roland  
Truffle Oil, White Roland  
Truffle Oil, White, Spray Roland  
Ucuhuba Butter Oil  
Vegetable Corn Oil salad or cooking  
Vegetable Oil Meijer  
Vegetable Oil Wesson  
Vegetable Oil  
Vegetable Oil Mazola 100% pure  
Vegetable Oil, Average  
Vegetable Oil, Canola, Trans Free Natreon Dow AgroSciences, LLC, high stability low saturated fat non-hydrogenated, non trans, high oleic (70%)  
Vegetable Oil, Low Saturated Fat USDA Commodity Food  
Vegetable Oil, Soybean, Refined USDA Commodity Food  
Vegetable Oil-butter Spread, Diet  
Vegetable Oil-butter Spread, Salted lower calorie, tub, salted  
Vegetable Oil-butter Spread, Salted, Tub  
Walnut Oil  
Walnut Oil Hain