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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Poultry

Name Brand Description Access Level
Penne & Chicken Entree South Beach Living in roasted red pepper sauce w/broccoli  
Penne Pollo Entree Weight Watchers Smart Ones 'Bistro Selections'  
Pesto Chicken Primavera Entree Birds Eye Voila! All-In-One Meal, cooked  
Pineapple Chicken Wegmans  
Pineapple Chicken  
Pop Star Popcorn Chicken Entree Kid Cuisine 'Pop Star' w/fries, corn, chocolate pudding  
Popcorn Chicken Banquet  
Popcorn Chicken Pilgrim's Pride frozen  
Popcorn Chicken, Buffalo Style Weaver frozen  
Pork Roast in Gravy Tyson frozen  
Pot Roast  
Pot Roast Wegmans  
Potstickers, Chicken and Vegetable Ling Ling  
Premium Chunk Chicken Tyson canned  
Premium Chunk Chicken Breast Tyson canned  
Princess Chicken Entree Healthy Choice 'Flavor Adventures' 1 meal  
Pulled Chicken Jack Daniel's  
Red Curry Chicken Wegmans  
Rice & Chicken Entree, Freeze Dried Mountain House single serve entree  
Rice with Chicken Chef Boyardee  
Roast Chicken Breast Entree Healthy Choice 'Dinners' 1 meal  
Roast Turkey Stouffer's  
Roast Turkey Breast Stouffer's with mashed potatoes  
Roast Turkey Breast Entree Healthy Choice 'Familiar Favorites' 1 meal  
Roast Turkey Medallions Weight Watchers Smart Ones  
Roast Turkey Medallions Meal, Frozen Weight Watchers 'Smart Ones' w/mushroom, rice, vegetable  
Roasted Chicken Stouffer's  
Roasted Chicken Chardonnary Entree Healthy Choice 'Flavor Adventures' 1 meal  
Roasted Chicken Fresca Entree Healthy Choice 'Cafe Steamers'  
Roasted Chicken Marsala Entree Healthy Choice 'Cafe Steamers'  
Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Pepperidge Farm 'Premium'  
Roasted Chicken W/lemon Pepper Fettuccini Lean Cuisine 'One Dish Favorites'  
Roasted Chicken W/mashed Potatoes Entree Smart One 'Bistro Selections', w/sour cream & chives  
Roasted Garlic Chicken & Vegetables Entree Birds Eye Voila! All-In-One Meal, cooked, reduced carb  
Roasted Garlic Chicken Entree Lean Cuisine 'Cafe Classics'  
Roasted Sesame Chicken Entree Healthy Choice 'Complete Meals'  
Roasted Turkey & Vegetables Entree Lean Cuisine 'Comfort Classics'  
Roasted Turkey Breast Lean Cuisine Contains: MILK, SOY, WHEAT INGREDIENTS.  
Roasted Turkey Breast Entree Lean Cuisine 'Dinnertime Selects'  
Roasted Turkey Entree Lean Cuisine 'Skillets'  
Roasted Turkey Pot Pie Pepperidge Farm  
Rosemary Chicken Entree Lean Cuisine 'Spa Cuisine Classics'  
Salt & Pepper Chicken Wegmans  
Sesame Chicken Wegmans  
Sesame Chicken Stouffer's