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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Breakfast

Name Brand Description Access Level
Burrito, Breakfast Burrito Nutrisystem  
Burritos, Egg, Bacon, Hash Brown & Cheese Don Miguel  
Cheese Omelette CedarLane/Zone Dr. Sears Zone entree  
Country Breakfast Krystal  
D-lights Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl Jimmy Dean  
Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Frozen Sunny Fresh pre-cooked, frozen  
Egg & Cheese Pocket Sandwich Sunny Fresh Breakfast 'Stuff-Its' pre-cooked, frozen  
Egg and Bacon Entree Aunt Jemima  
Egg and Sausage Entree Aunt Jemima  
Egg Melmuffin Mel's Meals  
Egg White Scramble Mel's Meals  
Egg, Omlette Country Inn & Suites  
Egg, Sausage, Hash Brown Meal frozen breakfast  
Eggs, Breakfast Scramble Jenny Craig  
Eggs, Cheddar Cheese Omelet Jenny Craig  
Eggs, Hardboiled Country Inn & Suites  
Eggs, Precooked W/bacon, Freeze Dried Mountain House  
Eggs, Precooked W/ham, Freeze Dried Mountain House  
Eggs, Scrambled Country Inn & Suites  
English Muffin Sandwich Weight Watchers Smart Ones  
French Toast and Sausage Entree Aunt Jemima  
French Toast W/sausage Great Starts frozen  
French Toast W/sausage, Frozen 'Cinnamon Swirl French Toast'  
French Toast, Cinnamon French Toast Jenny Craig  
French Toast, Cinnamon Glazed Sunny Fresh frozen  
Granola Mel's Meals  
Granola W/milk & Blueberries, Freeze Dried Mountain House  
Guacamole per serving Hacienda Mexican Restaurants  
Guacamole, lettuce, chip strips Hacienda Mexican Restaurants  
Ham & Cheddar Omelette Denny's  
Ham & Cheese Burrito, Frozen Breakfast Burrito  
Ham & Egg Scramble Entree Aunt Jemima  
Ham and Cheese Omelet Entree Aunt Jemima  
Huevos Rancheros Mel's Meals  
Loaf, Banana Nut Mini Loaf Jenny Craig  
Loaf, Blueberry Mini Loaf Jenny Craig  
Low Carb Breakfast Bowl Hardee's  
Muffin, Banana Nut Muffin Nutrisystem  
Muffin, Blueberry Muffin Nutrisystem  
Muffin, Double Chocolate Muffin Nutrisystem  
Omelet chicken eggs, milk, margarine  
Omelette Mel's Meals  
Pancakes and Bacon Entree Aunt Jemima  
Pancakes and Sausage Entree Aunt Jemima  
Pancakes W/sausage Great Starts frozen