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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pastries

Name Brand Description Access Level
Apple Bites Schwan's  
Apple Blossoms Safeway Select  
Apple Delights Pastry Fieldstone  
Apple Dumplings Pepperidge Farm  
Apple Flautas Schwan's  
Apple Grande Taco John's  
Apple Streusel Baking Mix Dr. Oetker  
Apple Strudel Pastry  
Apple Turnover (1) Kentucky Fried Chicken  
Apricot Rugelach, Low Carb Atkins  
Baklava Pastry Apollo  
Baklava Pastry Athens  
Baklava Pastry  
Bear Claw Pastry Panera Bread  
Blueberry Turnover Pepperidge Farm  
Bouchees, Mini, 3 cm. Roland  
Bumble Berry Blossoms Safeway Select  
Caramel Sweet Roll Pillsbury  
Caraway Scone TullY's Coffee  
Cheese Artisan Pastry Panera Bread  
Cheese Danish Pastry  
Cheese Roll, Sweet  
Cherry Artisan Pastry Panera Bread  
Cherry Chocolate Turnover Pepperidge Farm  
Cherry Turnover Pillsbury  
Cherry Turnover  
Chocolate Artisan Pastry Panera Bread  
Chocolate Blintz Ratner's kosher  
Chocolate Eclair Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen  
Chocolate Rugelach, Low Carb Atkins  
Churro w/ cinn & sugar Taco Time  
Churro, plain Taco Time  
Cinnamon Chip scone Panera Bread  
Cinnamon Chip Scone Caribou Coffee  
Cinnamon Danish Pastry  
Cinnamon Raisin Sweet Roll W/icing Pillsbury  
Cinnamon Roll  
Cinnamon Roll Snudar  
Cinnamon Roll Ener-G Foods kosher, free of: gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, nut, soy  
Cinnamon Roll Dough Pillsbury w/icing, refrig  
Cinnamon Roll Dough, Sweet refrig dough w/frosting  
Cinnamon Roll W/chocolate Snudar med sukkuladi  
Cinnamon Roll with Icing, Mini Bites Pillsbury  
Cinnamon Roll, Dough, Sweet, Baked refrig dough w/frosting  
Cinnamon Roll, Sweet, Cp w/raisins (2.75'' sq)