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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Crackers

Name Brand Description Access Level
Graham Cracker, Oat Bran Health Valley  
Graham Cracker, Original Nabisco  
Graham Cracker, Original Keebler  
Graham-Wiches - Chocolate Graham & Peanut Butter Creme New Morning  
Graham-Wiches - Honey Graham & Vanilla Creme New Morning  
Grilled Cheese on White Lance  
Gripz, Nacho Cheese Cheez-It  
Harvest Wheat Distinctive Crackers Pepperidge Farm  
Harvest Whole Wheats Baked Cracker Back To Nature whole grain  
Hazelnut Cracker Blue Diamond Nut-Thins  
Hearty Wheat Cracker Pepperidge Farm  
Herb Cracker Mary's Gone Crackers Organic; wheat-free, kosher, vegan  
Honey Graham Cracker  
Honey Graham Crackers Safeway  
Honey Grahams Crackers Mi-Del  
Honey Maid Graham Thin Crisps 100 Calorie Packs  
Italian Ranch Cracker Snackwell's Nabisco  
Keebler Elf Grahams Cinnamon Kellogg's 'Morning Jump Starts'  
Krackles, Plain Ener-G Foods free of: gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, corn, yeast, nuts, soy, rice  
Low Salt Saltine Crackers  
Lowfat Cinnamon Graham Cracker  
Lowfat Honey Graham Cracker  
Maki Rolls, Feng Shui, Seaweed Wrapped Rice Crackers Roland  
Matzo, American Manischewitz  
Matzo, Egg  
Matzo, Egg & Onion  
Matzo, Everything! Manischewitz  
Matzo, Plain  
Matzo, Whole Wheat  
Melba Toast, Broken Ener-G Foods kosher, free of: gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, eggs, soy, nut  
Melba Toast, Plain  
Melba Toast, Plain, No Added Salt  
Melba Toast, Rye include pumpernickel  
Melba Toast, Wheat  
Milk Cracker  
Mini Bites Chocolate Graham Snacks New Morning  
Mini Bites Honey Graham Snacks New Morning  
Multi-Grain Crackers Crunch Masters  
Multi-Seed Crackers - Original Crunch Masters  
Multi-Seed Crackers - Roasted Garlic Crunch Masters  
Multi-Seed Crackers - Rosemary & Olive Oil Crunch Masters  
Multi-Seed Crackers - Sweet Onion Crunch Masters  
Multigrain Cracker Keebler 'Harvest Bakery'  
Munch 'ems, Cheddar Cheese Keebler  
Munch 'ems, Original Keebler