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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Cookies

Name Brand Description Access Level
Cookie Cremes Sandwich Cookie, Chocolate Health Valley Chocolate, Chocolate Mint or Double Chocolate  
Cookie Cremes Sandwich Cookie, Vanilla Health Valley  
Cookie Dough - Chocolate Chip Gillian's Foods  
Cookie Dough - M&M Gillian's Foods  
Cookie Dough - Sugar Gillian's Foods  
Cookie Mix Namaste Foods  
Cookie, Butter Murray 'Cookie Jar Classics'  
Cookie, Chocolate Chip Famous Amos  
Cookie, Chocolate Chip Murray 'Cookie Jar Classics'  
Cookie, Chocolate Chunk Jimmy John's  
Cookie, Fat Free Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fig Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fig 100% Whole Grain Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fig Fat Free Packs 2 Go! Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fig Fat Free Snack n' Seal Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fig Newtons Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fig Packs 2 Go! Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fruit Chewy Fig Mini's Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Fruit Chewy Strawbrry Mini's Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Lady Stella Assortment Stella D'oro  
Cookie, Mini Chips Ahoy! Nabisco  
Cookie, National Arrowroot Biscuit Nabisco  
Cookie, Pinwheels Nabisco  
Cookie, Piparkokur  
Cookie, Raspberry Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Soft-Baked, Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Kashi  
Cookie, Strawberry Fig Newtons  
Cookie, Variety Pack Nabisco  
Cookies Almond Joy  
Cookies 'n Creme Cookie Hershey's  
Cookies on a Stick Nestle toll House cafe  
Cookies with Real M&M's Schlotzsky's Deli  
Cookies, Double Chocolate Chunk South Beach Living  
Cookies, Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies  
Cookies, Peanut Butter South Beach Living 6 count  
Cookies, Peanut Butter Patties Girl Scout Cookies  
Cookies, Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies  
Cookies, Toffee Cookies Jenny Craig  
Cranberry Orange Cookie, No Refined Sugar Nana's  
Cranberry Walnut Crunch Cookie Schlotzsky's Deli  
Create-Your-Own Cake & Cookie Mix The Cravings Place  
Creme Sandwich Cookie Snackwell's  
Creme Sandwich Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Creme Sandwich Cookies Cameo