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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Cookies

Name Brand Description Access Level
Sandwich Cookie, Winter with Red Creme Oreo  
Sandwich Cookies Nutter Butter  
Sandwich Cookies, Chocolate Fun Size Halloween Oreo  
Sandwich Creme Cookie, Packs To Go! Snackwell's  
Sandwich Cremes Cookies, Chocolate, Mini Grandma's  
Sandwich Cremes, Vanilla Austin  
Scooby Doo!, Graham Cracker Sticks, Cinnamon Keebler  
Scooby-Doo!, Graham Cracker Sticks, Honey Keebler  
SeAnimals Cookies Austin  
Semi-sweet & White Chocolate Morsels Cookie, Rtb Nestle Toll House refrigerated; 'Swirled'  
Semi-sweet Chocolate Cookie Mrs. Field's  
Semi-sweet Chocolate Cookie, Bite-size Mrs. Field's 'Nibbler'  
Semi-sweet Chocolate W/nuts Cookie Mrs. Field's  
Seville Triple Chocolate Cookie Pepperidge Farm  
Shamrock Shape Sugar Cookie, Rtb Pillsbury 'Ready To Bake!'  
Shortbread Bite Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Shortbread Cookie Panera Bread  
Shortbread Cookie Lorna Doone  
Shortbread Cookie Nabisco  
Shortbread Cookie  
Shortbread Cookie, Diabetic Fifty 50 sugar-free, 7 grams sugar alcohol  
Shortbread Cookie, No Sugar Archway Home Style  
Shortbread Cookie, Pecan, Cp 2'' dia  
Shortbread Cookie, Plain, Cp 1 5/8'' sq  
Shortbread Cookie, Sugar Free Snackwell's  
Shortbread Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Shortbread Cookies Schar  
Shortbread Swirl Cookies Pamela's  
Simplebites - Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies Pamela's  
Simplebites - Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies Pamela's  
Simplebites - Ginger Mini Snapz Cookies Pamela's  
Single Serve Black & White Cookie Entenmann's  
Single Serve Original Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies Entenmann's  
Snack Cakes, Oreo Cakester Chocolate Creme Oreo  
Snackimals Cookie, Chocolate Chip Barbara's Bakery made with organic grains  
Snackimals Cookie, Vanilla Barbara's Bakery made with organic grains  
Snackimals Cookie, Wheat-free Oatmeal Barbara's Bakery made with organic grains  
Snicker Poodles - Real Cookies Glutenfreeda  
Snickerdoodle Classic Cookies Aunt Gussie's  
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough The Fresh Cookie Dough Factory  
Snickerdoodle Cookies Glow Gluten Free  
Snickerdoodle Mini Cookies Cherrybrook kitchen  
Snickerdoodles cookie Great Harvest Bread Company  
Snow Man Shape Sugar Cookie, Rtb Pillsbury 'Ready To Bake!'  
Social Tea, Biscuits Nabisco