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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Cookies

Name Brand Description Access Level
Fudge Dipped Grahams Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Fudge Dipped Mint Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Fudge Dipped Shortbread Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Fudge Dipped Vanilla Wafer Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Fudge Filled Cookies Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Fudge Grahams Cookies Safeway  
Fudge Marshmallow Cookie Safeway  
Fudge Mint Cookie Safeway  
Fudge Rounds Little Debbie  
Fudge Stick Wafer Cookies Safeway  
Fudge Stick, Peanut Butter Cookies Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Fudge Sticks Cookies Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Fudge Striped Shortbread Cookies Safeway  
Fudge Stripes Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Fudge Stripes, Mini Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Fudge Stripes, Reduced Fat Keebler 'Fudge Shoppe'  
Fudgy Brownie Bar, Rtb Nestle Toll House refrigerated  
Garlic Parmesan Panetini Cookie Nonni's  
Gaufrettes, Eventails (fan Wafers) Roland  
Gaufrettes, Rolled Roland  
Geneva Cookies Pepperidge Farm  
Ghost Shape Sugar Cookie, Rtb Pillsbury 'Ready To Bake!'  
Ginger cookie Great Harvest Bread Company  
Ginger Cookie Ener-G Foods kosher, free of: gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, soy, nut, yeast, egg  
Ginger Cookies Anna's  
Ginger Cookies with Sliced Almonds Pamela's  
Ginger Family Cookie Collection Pepperidge Farm  
Ginger Molasses Cookie TullY's Coffee  
Ginger Snap Cookie Ginger Snaps  
Ginger Snap Cookie, Iced Archway Home Style  
Ginger Snap Cookie, Less Fat Archway Home Style  
Ginger Snap Cookie, Old Fashioned Murray  
Ginger Snap Cookies Kinnikinnick Foods  
Ginger Snaps Cookies Mi-Del  
Ginger Spice Cookie Nature's Path Organic; 'Signature Series'  
Gingerbread Cookie, Rtb Pillsbury 'Create 'n Bake', 2cookies = 2-1inch balls of dough  
Gingerbread Cookies Fieldstone  
Gingernut Cookies LEDA  
Gingersnap Cookie  
Gingersnap Cookie, Reduced Fat Archway Home Style  
Gingersnap Cookie, Sugar Free Murray  
Gingersnap Cookies Glow Gluten Free  
Gluten Free Arrowroot Cookies Mi-Del  
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Glutino  
Gluten Free Chocolate Chips Cookies Mi-Del