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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fat and Oil

Name Brand Description Access Level
Lecithin, 750 Columbus Foods 5/7/03 Columbus Foods Wetting & emulsifying agent  
Lecithin, Fluid, Adm Archer Daniels Midland Phosphatides 62% Minimum  
Lecithin, Fluid, Centrol 1, 2 & 3 Central Soya Company  
Lecithin, Fluid, Honeymead Honeymead Products  
Lecithin, Fluid, Nalcon National Lecithin Natural Soy Lecithin  
Lecithin, Fluid, Pg PG Lecithin Natural Fluid Lecithin Derived from Soybeans  
Lecithin, Fluid, Typical Central Soya Company  
Lecithin, Hydroxylated Soy, Thermolec Wfc Adm 6/26/ Archer Daniels Midland Hydroxylated soya lecithin  
Lecithin,soy Lecithin, Centrophase Hr-2b Central Soya Company Food grade soy lecithin used for release and emulsification  
Premium Lard - Manteca Box Farmer John  
Premium Lard - Manteca Cube Farmer John  
Premium Lard - Manteca Pail Farmer John