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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Color

Name Brand Description Access Level
Diethylene Glycol - 7/18/00 G. Mann George Mann  
Glycerine, Usp 99.7% & 96%, Dow Chem. 6/10/05 Dow Chemical  
Glycerine, Usp 99.7% & 96%m, Vitusa Vitusa Products  
Myvacet 9-45k - Quest International Quest International Kosher acetic acid ester of distilled mono-diglycerides, based on vegetable feed  
Polyethylene Glycol, Sentry, 3350 (12/11/2002) Dow Dow Chemical  
Propylene Glycol Usp - M/h Dow Chemical  
Propylene Glycol Usp/ep (callahan) Lyondell Chemicals Bulk pharmaceutical excipient (a carbohydrate)