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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pasta, Noodles

Name Brand Description Access Level
Pasta Noodles Wacky Mac  
Pasta Noodles - Cholesterol Free Egg White Pasta No Yolks  
Pasta Noodles - Lasagna Mrs. Weiss  
Pasta Noodles - Noodles Mrs. Weiss  
Pasta Noodles - Small Shell Macaroni Mrs. Weiss  
Pasta Noodles - Spaghetti Mrs. Weiss  
Pasta Noodles - Ziti Mrs. Weiss  
Pasta Nuggets (Radiatore), Dry Creamette  
Pasta Rainbow Rotini Safeway  
Pasta Salad Macaroni Safeway  
Pasta Salad Macaroni Vons  
Pasta with Butter Ruby Tuesday  
Pasta with Marinara Ruby Tuesday  
Pasta, Boiled  
Pasta, Homemade W/egg cooked  
Pasta, Homemade, No Eggs cooked  
Pasta, Low Carb Due Amici dry  
Pasta, Plain, Refrigerated fresh, as purchased  
Pasta, Raw  
Pasta, Spinach, Refrigerated fresh, spinach, as purchased  
Pasta, Whole Grain Rotini Barilla  
Pasta, Whole Grain Rotini Barilla  
Pastina Pasta Noodles Prince  
Pastina Pasta Noodles San Giorgio  
Pastina Pasta Noodles Ronzoni  
Penne Pasta Noodles Schar  
Penne Pasta Noodles, Gluten Free Gillian's Foods  
Penne Pasta, Brown Rice, Dry Lundberg Organic  
Penne Pasta, Dry Lifestream Organic; whole grain & flax+  
Penne Pasta, Dry  
Penne Pasta, Dry De Boles Jerusalem artichoke, regular short pasta  
Penne Pasta, Dry Annie's Homegrown Organic  
Penne Pasta, Low Carb Atkins 'Quick Cuisine'  
Penne Pasta, Rice, Dry De Boles gluten free  
Penne Pasta, Whole Wheat, Dry Hodgson Mill 100% durum whole wheat flour  
Penne Pasta, Whole Wheat, Dry De Boles Organic; short pasta  
Penne Pasta, Whole Wheat, Dry  
Penne Rigate Noodles Dreamfields  
Penne Rigate Pasta Safeway  
Penne Rigate Pasta Noodles Prince  
Penne Rigate Pasta Noodles Smart Taste  
Penne Rigate Pasta Noodles San Giorgio  
Penne Rigate Pasta Noodles Skinner  
Penne Rigate Pasta Noodles Ronzoni  
Penne Rigate Pasta, Dry Creamette enriched