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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Grains, Grasses

Name Brand Description Access Level
Couscous, Israeli, Whole Wheat, Dry Roland  
Couscous, Medium, Precooked, Dry Roland  
Couscous, Precooked, Dry Roland  
Couscous, Whole Wheat W/soy, Dry Hodgson Mill w/milled flax seed  
Couscous, Whole Wheat, Dry Fantastic Foods Organic; 'Elegant Grains' 100% organic  
Couscous, Whole Wheat, Dry Roland  
Couscous, Whole Wheat, Dry Casbah Organic; whole durum wheat  
Couscous, Whole Wheat, Dry  
Couscous, Whole Wheat, Dry Hodgson Mill dry  
Couscous, Whole Wheat, Precooked, Dry Roland  
Cranberry Granola Bites Sugar Bowl Bakery  
Date & Apple Multigrain Devonvale  
Farro, Semi-pearled, Dry Roland 100% natural  
Flake Wheat Germ, Toasted Shiloh Farms  
Flavored Wheat Nuts, No Added Salt  
Glutinous Rice, White, Cooked  
Glutinous Rice, White, Raw  
Golden Flaxseed Bob's Red Mill  
Grits Quick Original Meijer  
High Fiber - Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal Quaker  
Hominy, White, Canned  
Hominy, Yellow, Canned  
Honey Almond Multigrain Devonvale  
Inca Red & Black Quinoa Ancient Harvest  
Japonica Rice, Black Roland  
Jasmine Rice A Taste of Thai  
Jasmine Rice, 100% Natural Roland fat free  
Jasmine Rice, Brown, Dry Lundberg Organic; California  
Jasmine Rice, Dry  
Jasmine Rice, Dry Fantastic Foods 'Elegant Grains'  
Jasmine Rice, Dry Thai Kitchen  
Jasmine Rice, Saffroned, Dry Casbah  
Jasmine Rice, White, Dry Lundberg Eco-Farmed; California  
Jubilee Gourmet Rice Blend Lundberg Eco-Farmed  
Lemon Multigrain Devonvale  
Millet, Cooked  
Millet, Puffed  
Millet, Raw  
Oat Bran, Cooked  
Oat Bran, Raw  
Oats (oatmeal)  
Oats, Rolled (oatmeal)  
Oats, Rolled, Quick (oatmeal) Quaker 100% natural  
Oats, Rolled, Quick (oatmeal)  
Oats, Rolled, Quick (oatmeal) Crystal Wedding 100% natural